Why I’m not sewing masks

My sad, little, hand-sewn mask… made from an old pillow case.

I’m wearing masks, don’t get me wrong. Every time I leave the house, there’s a mask of one kind or another over my face. But I’m not sewing them. Okay, I sewed one for me, and one for Doug back when this all started and we were still living in the hotel waiting for our house in Washington to sell. One is enough for us, and when those masks are being washed, we use alternatives I cobble together with materials around the house. My fav is cloth napkins with rubber bands — thoroughly washable and no sewing. I do know how to sew, dear reader, and I have a machine for sewing. But I’m not sewing masks. Why? Because this COVID-19 thing will pass. It may take some time, but it will eventually go away. And then what’s going to happen to all of the masks that everyone is creating right now? They’ll be tossed in the trash. Do you think that people will keep them for the next big pandemic? I highly doubt it. They might keep them in case we have another wave of COVID-19, but once there’s a vaccine, those bad boys will be tossed in the trash like yesterday’s new. So yeah, I’m not gonna do it. I’ll keep making masks out of materials I have around the house that I’m not using for anything else anyway.

Sock mask… it was way late last night.

Like, yesterday I found a tutorial on how to make a mask from socks. There are two ways, and they’re both kinda interesting. Now, I have a bunch of socks with no matches, I’ll cut those puppies up before I spend money on material for masks. Remember though, if one makes a mask from socks, then one must put things in it like a napkin or coffee filter, because socks are a knit weave and way too open for the purpose of a mask, but that’s cool. I’ve got a billion of those bad boys sitting around the house too — and there are tutorials on how to make masks from those all over the internet. Worry not, dear reader, I’m not making stacks of masks out of paper towels and throwing them away. I honestly don’t go out often enough for that to be a bother or a burden. But the truth of the matter is, I do have quite a few paper dinner napkins lying around, so I may as well use them as filters and masks every once in a while. It’s a matter of what I have on hand and what’s both comfortable and effective.

It’s also important to note, dear reader that masks are not meant to keep the virus from me (or you). They are meant to keep other people from getting sick should I be infected and not know it. It’s not a matter of wearing a mask to keep me from getting ill. The wearing of a mask (and gloves) is a common courtesy to the people around me. I’m almost certain that I’m not sick since I don’t go out very often and I’m not showing any symptoms of COVID-19, but I could be asymptomatic. I mean it only takes one person to pass this along to me and bam! that’s the end of that. I don’t want to be the one to spread this to someone else if I can help it. So I’ll wear masks and take extra measures — though damn it’s hard to not touch my face! My eyes itch like hell and I can’t help it. Whenever I go out in public, I try and keep my hands in my pockets or behind my back so I don’t touch my face, but it’s really difficult. I do my best though, and that’s all I can do.

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  1. I’m making them to send out to the Navajo Nation. It’s fabric I wasn’t using anyway and they have really been shafted by the government. It’s so bad that Doctors Without Borders have gone there. Mine is red and has white hearts on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I get that some people are making them for others who don’t have the resources to make their own, but there are also those who have stacks of masks for themselves. I guess that’s okay too, but it’s not my thing.


  2. I have thought about making masks. I’ve gathered patterns, I have elastic, a sewing machine, large quilting squares, etc. but I feel no motivation to do it. Recently, I received a bunch of Norwex fabric masks in the mail – and I have more on order. These will mostly be used by my husband at work. They’re the least offensive to him so far – softer than most and less likely to irritate his sensitive skin. I have a couple on hand for my once a week foray to the grocery store.

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