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Feeling blah

Neither Doug nor I are feeling up to snuff these last few days. Both of us are not getting much sleep. Doug’s circadian rhythm is off and that’s making him way tired. I just keep getting woken up at all hours of the night by either weird dreams or noises outside. I have a bit of a cough and a sore throat. Nothing serious, and neither of us have a fever. My temp is a couple of degrees below normal actually — about 95.5oF (35.3o C). Anyway, since fever is the number one symptom of COVID-19, I don’t think either of us have it. We’re just feeling under the weather.

He’s literally falling asleep on his feet

I think that Doug’s mind is all, “Oh, we’ve stopped moving. I can finally let go of all this stress I’ve been under.” and he’s now feeling the stress of not being stressed. If that makes any sense. And it’s affecting his sleep cycle. Plus the whole COVID-19 thing doesn’t help, I mean… when will he have to start going in to work again? As opposed to working from his bedroom. That will mean getting up a bit earlier and putting on actual clothes and taking a shower in the morning instead of halfway through the day. Things like that. No more of this leisurely lifestyle he’s getting used to. We’re lucky right now in that he has a job he can do from home, and I’m pretty sure he’s glad about that. Going in to work won’t be a big deal for him — it’s only a few blocks away — but it will be another change he has to deal with, and we’ve had a lot of changes this year. But a broken sleep cycle is nothing to sneeze at y’all. I mean, sleep is what regulates the way we structure our lives. If our circadian rhythm gets out of whack, all kinds of things can go wrong. And at our age, we need at least the ritual of a good night’s sleep. Doug’s a night owl, he usually goes to bed about 1 AM, but he at least was going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time (9 AM — that’s a good 7 hours).

I used to be a night owl, but it didn’t play well with my bipolar. I needed to get into a good sleep schedule or things went bad in Willowtown. So I started to go to bed at 10 PM every night to get into the habit. I usually get to sleep somewhere between 11 PM and midnight-thirty. I’m usually up with the sun. Which means the time I get up varies between 6AM and 9AM depending on what time of year it is. The dogs rarely let me sleep past nine, and they get up with the sun too, so there’s that. Anyway, I dunno how I got on the subject of sleep schedules, but that’s how my mind works. If you’re new to my blogging ways, welcome aboard. ^_^

Anyway, I think most of what’s wrong with me is allergies. I’ve had them pretty bad since we moved here, but they’ve been awful since November and they haven’t let up since. I have to get used to living in Albuquerque again. That should take about five years. Ha! I’ve had bad allergies for a long time but this year is rotten to the core. The sore throat could just be drainage. It happens. A few months ago (back in December I think) I lost my voice completely, and it happened a couple of times. It’s just with COVID-19 going about, one gets to wondering if this is “the sign” that I’m coming down with what’s going around. And this time, what’s going around will definitely kill me, or at least make life very difficult for me. You know? Honestly, both Doug and I have been careful about exposing ourselves to people and places because we’re both… I wouldn’t say “high risk” but it wouldn’t go well for us if either of us caught this disease. We both have lung issues and neither of us are young nor healthy. I’m sure that what ails us right now is a combination of allergies and stress, but it does worry me when we don’t feel well. I have a doctor’s appointment in June (I’ve had it since before this all broke out), and he’s going to make one for himself if he can. We’ll hopefully see that everything is okay. It’s tough being chronically ill when one is living in the middle of a pandemic, y’all.

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  1. Aww, feel better, you guys! I understand about not having enough sleep. I am useless if I don’t get my full quotient!

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    1. I know, right? I’m getting eight hours, but it’s not eight uninterrupted hours. Something keeps waking me up… I just need eight straight hours of sleep and I’ll be doing better.


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