Playing in Photoshop

Awhile back, I took two pictures and merged them together to make a picture for a poem I wrote. Yesterday, I wanted to see if I could do it “better”, so I tried it again. I’m going to leave it to y’all to let me know which one y’all like better — if you like either one at all.

Here are the two original pictures (credits in the captions)

And here are the two pictures I made from them.

I experimented with the fog in the second version but couldn’t make it work. Anyway, it’s not much, but I figured I’d share. I’m not an artist. I can’t draw for shit, but I’ve found an outlet in Photoshop and manipulating photos. It’s something I’m having fun doing. I’m not great at it, but it’s something really enjoying learning how to do. I might take a class eventually.