A little bird story

My cat, Mister, caught a bird today. Well, we think it was him that caught it. He was the one laying down next to it when Doug found it in the living room this morning. It was still alive and didn’t appear to be bleeding. Mister didn’t really appear to be interested in the bird but there it was. So I took a muslin bag I had lying about and took it outside to the front yard. I figured it had a better chance out in the front yard than it did in the back where Mister caught it. We found a dead bird outside that looks like it fell from the tree out there, so what I figure is that both birds were on the ground and Mister caught this one unaware. He’s not a hunter. Never has been.

The mighty hunter… not.

So the bird made its way from the muslin bag (it was on top of it, not inside of it) to a yucca bush we have out there. It appeared to be slightly injured in one of its wings, but it was still alive the last time I saw it. And very lively too. So you might ask why I’m telling y’all about a little bird. Because, dear reader, there are some who might question my actions. Like, why did I just put it outside? Why didn’t I put it in a box and call someone to come and rescue it? Why didn’t I do more? Because I didn’t. It’s a bird, a wild bird. It will live or die on its own and I did what I thought I was the best I could do for it without wasting resources. I put it outside in a sheltered area and gave it a fighting chance. If it had been too badly injured, I would have put it out of its misery. So far as I could tell, nothing was twisted and broken too badly, and it seemed to be okay, other than maybe an injured wing. There is this thought out there that every life is precious and must be saved at all cost, but I don’t believe that. I think that sometimes there comes a point were we say, “My time has come.” It’s why I tell people that if I catch COVID-19 and end up in the hospital, I don’t want to be put on a ventilator. I have lung issues and I’ve researched what this disease does to lungs. A ventilator will not help me, and I don’t want those resources wasted on me should it come down to that. Just let me go home and live or die my own way.

So you see, dear reader, it’s not just about a little bird. While I do think that all life is equal, and should not be squandered or taken too soon. Murder is bad. It’s always been bad, and will always be bad. No one is arguing that. There are some situations where I think that people will go too far in trying to save a life because of this idea that all life is precious. Because death is not this horrible darkness we must all fear. It’s a part of life. I accepted the fact that I’m going to die a long time ago. I’d rather it not be today, but it might be. You never know. That’s the way death is. It comes for us all, and it comes suddenly. So no, I won’t expend a lot of energy to save a little bird, but I’ll give that bird a chance to live or die on its own. Because life is precious, but it will end… eventually.