Playing with Photoshop

I know that these blog posts don’t get a lot of attention, but I’m gonna post them anyway. I’m bored, dear reader. I know that some people think I should be up in arms about all the ills that are going on in the world, and while I am upset about what’s going on — there isn’t much I can do about it. So I’m not gonna work myself into a lather over things I cannot do anything about. If I see something awful happening in front of me, I’ll do whatever I can to help, otherwise, I’ll tend to my own garden. That’s just the way my mind works, and I make no apologies for it. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been working on today.

So I was playing Sims 4 yesterday (don’t judge me, it’s relaxing). And my SIM this time is an artist. So every once in a while I get a prompt for her to “paint from reference” which means to take a screenshot of something nearby and she’ll paint it. This was one of the screenshots:

Sims 4 screenshot

It’s not much, just something that was nearby. Anyway, I wondered if I could do anything with it, because I’m bored, and my allergies are acting up, which means I can’t do much of anything because when my allergies act up that means my lungs are pretty much useless. So no walking for me and I can only to housework in spurts. But I like that little Day of the Dead doll. I have no idea how it got into my Sims game, but whatever, it’s there. So I fussed with things a bit, and put it against a faded wood background I got from (I think. I’m pretty sure) and messed with displacement layers — something I’ve been trying to master — and I think this came out pretty good.

Day of the Dead wall painting.

It’s meant to look like someone painted the little doll on a wall. Anyway, this is what I do to pass the time when I’m feeling kinda bored. I’m also trying to teach myself html and css, but that’s making me fall asleep. I might need to take a class on that or something. This is more fun. 🙂 I’m gonna keep sharing these with y’all so feel free to give me honest criticism. I can take it. Just keep in mind that I’m doing this for fun and I’m teaching myself. If you, dear reader have any good hints or suggestions on how to improve what I’m doing, I’m all ears. Right now my main means of trying new things is googling: “How do you do x in Photoshop?” and that’s pretty hit or miss. ^_^