Daily life

A series of annoying events

A week ago, I put in an order at Joann Fabric for some material for something I saw online and said “I can totally make that for way cheaper.” It’s a thing that will make my life a little easier (more on that when I get around to sewing it). Anyway, I figured that if I ordered it to pick up at the store it would be quicker than ordering it for delivery. Silly me. That was exactly a week ago today. I mean, what are we supposed to do in these times of social distancing, dear reader? I could have gone into the store last week and gotten the fabric I wanted but I also wish to be socially responsible and not catch this stupid COVID-19.

Cut to this morning. I finally get the email that my order is ready. Well… most of it. I ordered two yards of two different fabrics, but I got two yards of one fabric and one yard of a different fabric. *sigh* I don’t know if you sew, dear reader, but: What the hell am I going to do with one yard of a fabric I need two yards of?

Deep breath.

It’s okay. I can work with it. I kind of ordered too much fabric on purpose. Still, it would have been way better had someone from Joann Fabric called me and asked if they could have, I dunno substituted one fabric for another or just canceled that whole fabric instead of just giving me one yard of that fabric. Still, it was annoying. Then we went to the store to pick up said order and there was a wait. So I figured I would go in and there was a line to go in. So much for social distancing. *sigh* So, I waited in line to go in. Then I waited in a different line to pick up my order and the cashier practically threw my order at me and all but pushed me out the door. Totally not the usual friendly experience I’ve come to expect from Joann Fabric. I mean, he barely let me check to see if it was the fabric I ordered (For the record, it wasn’t. I ordered grey fabric, and I got white.) So anyway, I left a bit annoyed.

Picture of me in a mask because I needed a picture of a mask.

We had some groceries to get and Wally World was next door, so we decided to go there. No lines… so, yay? Doug took a basket to get the groceries and I decided to see if they had an gel nail kits because I want pretty nails, and I’d bought some before from that store. They didn’t. Not their fault, I didn’t research before I went to the store, but mildly annoying. I mean, Wally World is usually annoying, but it’s been moreso since COVID-19. Like, there was a teenager that walked in with us who didn’t have a mask on who was just looking for trouble. Kind of. I could see him sizing up all of the employees from the moment he walked in the door, just waiting for someone to notice that he didn’t have a mask on. No one noticed that he didn’t have a mask on because they were working, but I watched him until he went out of sight. He was a troublemaker, and it stressed me out. Why didn’t I call him out or get an employee, you might ask? Because I saw the crumbled up in mask in his hand. He would have put it on as soon as someone called him on it. He was all bluff and no action. His friends had masks on. Still people like that stress me out. Also, one of the employees had a mask on, but kept pulling it down whenever she talked. *cringe* Masks don’t work that way!

After Wally World, we decided to get some chicken, so we drove to Popeye’s. I had a craving. And wouldn’t you know it, they had a line of cars around the block. I’m totally not kidding y’all. Like the cars were snaking out of the drive-thru and around the frickin’ block. We didn’t want Popeye’s chicken that badly so we went home and ordered takeout.

Like, y’all, have you ever had one of those days? I don’t know what crawled up the cook’s ass at the Genghis Khan Grill, but whoever cooked my teriyaki chicken decided that it needed all of the pepper in the world, and very little chicken — or noodles for that matter. I mean, there wasn’t much of it, like four bites of it really, maybe five. I was just done at that point… And because we’d been out and about for so long, Doug couldn’t take it back because he had to get back to work — like they didn’t give him his pot stickers either. So I smothered the peppery teriyaki chicken — mostly burnt corn and carrots really, in Hoisin Sauce just to make it edible. Normally I don’t do sauce. I dislike putting sauce on anything. I’ll be hungry again in a little bit. It’s weird, because we’ve ordered from them before and they’re usually good at filling our orders. So it just seems weird that today is the day they decide to screw things up.

Just a little frustrating

I want ice-cream. And I’m way too tired to make frozen banana ice-cream. Like, I know that there’s a whole lot of hate and discontent going on in the world and life is crumbling down around people everywhere, so my minor annoyances are nothing compared to a lot of people’s lives, but… it’s been a weird day, and I just wanted to write about it.