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More bread recipes

So I was looking at a different cook book. I have no idea how I acquired this cook book because it’s for kids. The title is The Body Building Dishes for Children Cook Book by the Culinary Arts Institute and the copyright is 1950. I think it must have been included in a bundle because I have another book by the Culinary Arts Institute from the 1950’s (Cooking for Two) in a bag with other recipe books. This is more of a booklet — the kind one used to buy in the check out line at the grocery store. Can you still do that? I haven’t seen the cook booklets in a while, but this looks like one of them. The cover is missing and there’s only 46 pages, but it ends in the last section “Candies” so I think I have most of it. Maybe. A quick google search says it’s supposed to have 48 pages. So I guess I’m not missing much.

Anyway, I was just flipping through — because it’s something I like to do. I’m weird, sue me. and I found these recipes.

Quick bread recipes from 1950.

Now, I have nothing against figs or prunes, and they might make interesting quick breads. I mean, it may be interesting to try something besides banana and/or zucchini bread, you know? Maybe… A quick internet search brings up recipes for both fig and prune bread, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that people like them. But, you know what, dear reader? I draw the line at peanut butter bread. Like, I love me some peanut butter y’all. I’ll eat peanut butter by the spoon out of the jar, no lie. That being said, I’m totally not gonna make bread out of it. I refuse. However, if you want to try it, be my guest. I, however, will keep the peanut butter on my bread and not in my bread. That sounds way harsh though. Honestly, I have no issues with people who would want to make peanut butter bread and I am not trying to poke fun at them. It just tickled my funny bone. Like I said, I weird. Welcome to my blog. ^_^

google search for peanut butter bread
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So, it seems that peanut butter bread was a thing for a while, and recently too. Like, the date on the two most recent google search results was April 2020. Ha! That’ll teach me to write a post about stuff without googling it. Oh well. I’m still gonna publish this. Cross my heart, dear reader, I totally didn’t know about this recent “viral” interest in peanut butter bread. I googled it after I was about to post this because I was curious to see if there were recipes for peanut butter bread out there. Ah well, things happen. I’m still not making it. ^_^