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Cooking for one isn’t working

A friend of mine turned me on to a site called The Fresh 20 and I subscribed to their “For one” meal plan because it seemed like an ideal thing — the site would plan out dinner for five days and even give me a shopping list. And I was happy that they had meals carried over into other days, so there would be little waste. Yeah, it all sounded good on paper. But what I ended up with after a month or two was a refrigerator of rotting food because the meals from one week did not use the same ingredients as the food from the next week even though the whole premise of the site is that they basically use the same “twenty” or so ingredients. But no, it’s different twenty or so ingredients. Except the meats — kind of there’s usually two fish and/or one chicken and/or one red meat and always one vegetarian meal per week. The meals were nothing to write home about but they weren’t bad. Still I had a fridge full of food going off, and I just cannot have that.

le sigh

Food is an important part of a balance diet.

So it’s back to the drawing board dear reader because if it’s one thing that I hate doing, and that’s wasting food. I threw out a big bag full of expired and rotting food yesterday. Like all kinds of greens, dairy, cheeses and creams (sour, &c…). And that’s not even accounting for all of the food that I’ve put in the freezer to preserve. I have so many bags of onions, peppers, and the like. But I believe one cannot freeze lettuce. I’ll have to look that up — nope too much water, it won’t thaw correctly. Like when one cooks for a single person, one only uses a tablespoon or so of sour cream. Then what happens to the rest of the tub? Even if I buy the smallest tub of sour cream, there’s still a bunch in there that I may not use before it goes off. Same with things like yogurt and mayonnaise. I don’t use a lot of mayonnaise, and I go through cycles of eating yogurt. Sometimes I’ll eat it every morning, and sometimes I’ll go months without eating it at all. Same with eggs. Don’t even get me started on eggs. Like, I’ll eat eggs all day every day for a month, then I’ll never want to see another egg again… until I love them again. I have a strange relationship with eggs, y’all. But I still don’t like wasting them.

Photo by Modernista Magazine from Pexels

So one of the answers is to do what we did in Washington, which is to basically eat out most of the time. And that is kind of a viable solution. The problem with that is that most restaurant food is pretty high in fat. Even the salads are up there in fat. I’m not worried about gaining or losing weight — I’ve been a big person for a long time and I’m comfortable with my body. My concern is the pain that high fat meals brings. Like you don’t even know, dear reader, well maybe you know, but most people don’t even know. I have a condition called IBS-C and other digestive issues. I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago and since then, there’s a fine line that I need to walk when it comes to how much fat I can eat. Because if I put one little toe over that line, it’s a trip to Painsville for Willow. That’s where I am now, dear reader. In a lot of pain because I’ve been lax in my eating habits the last few days. I’m a stress eater. I know this about myself, and I try not to eat foods I know are bad for me but when I’m stressed — and I am stressed — I do eat foods that aren’t so good for me. And I do tend to pay the price for that. And that includes restaurant foods.

My gut and I don’t like each other.

I totally need to cook my own foods. I feel better when I do and it’s better for me. The difficult part is figuring out how to shop for one. I only eat one big meal a day, so I only cook one big meal a day. We don’t have a big freezer so frozen storage isn’t an option. I’m old and disabled, dear reader, some options that were available to me when I was younger — canning and dehydrating — aren’t always as easy as some people my believe. Whenever I have the energy, I’ll totally can and dehydrate. I like doing those things, but then I have days when getting out of bed and getting dressed is the best I can do. Fibromyalgia is a bitch, y’all. Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to turn into a whine. I’m in a lot of pain and I know that the best way to get out of it is to cook my own food, but cooking for one is kind of an exhausting exercise in frustration and I’m tired right now.