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Test results

Got my test results back this morning. For the most part, everything is normal. My TSH levels are way up though, which means I was right that my thyroid is acting up. I mean, they’re not through the roof high, but they are elevated. It’s probably enough to explain my fatigue and other ailments lately. It’s really annoying how my thyroid just won’t behave itself. Like, it would be nice to take some medicine and have my thyroid stay at an even level. This going up and down is really aggravating. And it plays merry hell with my energy levels. Like I can’t get much done when I’m walking around like a zombie.

Current TSH levels

I got my Vitamin D checked too at the advice of my mother in law and she’s right, my Vitamin D levels are way down. There isn’t much to do about the Vitamin D thing except go outside — because that’s the best way to get Vitamin D. And/or try and get more Vitamin D in my diet. I suppose I could start taking supplements but most websites say just to go outside and eat more food with Vitamin D. I guess. Anyway it’s good to know that I’m deficient so I can address that. It could be what’s causing my nails and hair to be brittle, that and the thyroid stuff.

Current Vitamin D levels

So, since it’s Saturday — the test results are generated automatically — I probably won’t hear from my doctor about them until Monday. I’m glad that we live in a day of technology so I don’t have to make a separate appointment to go in and discuss the results. She’ll just message me via the same place that sent me the test result and send any prescriptions to my pharmacy. We’ve come a long way, and I like it.

Because I don’t have many pictures of people with computers and I’m too tired to get more. ^_^

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  1. My thyroid level was virtually the same as yours last time I had it checked. I’m trying to work on things with diet and exercise. I’ve taken meds for all my issues in the past and it’s like an endless pit of bandaids with side effects. Best wishes to you for however you find it best to address your issues. Just commenting so you know I get it and I care.💜

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    1. I know how you feel, Jane. I used to be on a pile of meds, but I’m down to just the thyroid, asthma, and bipolar meds. I’m about to give up on the thyroid meds because they don’t seem to do any good. However, I’ll probably think long and hard about that before I make that leap. Asthma meds are as needed, but I’m not ever gonna give up my bipolar meds. Nope, not gonna happen. I’ve seen me without them, and it’s not a pretty picture. ^_^


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