Daily life

Thoroughly, utterly, and completely exhausted

I am so tired, dear reader. Like everything I do today is a major effort. I got a good night’s sleep last night. Turned out the light before midnight and everything. Woke up at seven. That’s a full eight hours. Didn’t even wake up between except the once at five-thirty to take my thyroid medicine. But I’ve been schlepping through the day all day. Like, it’s gonna take me hours to write this blog post, and I bet money it won’t be that long. Despite all the fatigue, I’ve gotten a bit done — made phone calls and talked to people. Got some things straightened out with the projects we have going in the house. I have a busy day tomorrow. I’ve got pest control coming out and the sprinkler people coming out, so I’m hoping that I don’t feel this bad then, because I will be hanging on by my toenails by the end of the day if I do. Still waiting to hear from my doctor to see if my meds are gonna change.

Two drawer dishwasher. Info here.

Let’s see… I did the dishes this morning. But that’s not a big accomplishment, I try and do them every morning. I don’t always succeed, but I do try. One of the projects we’re working on is putting new appliances in the kitchen because the dishwasher we have is way too big for our needs. Not to mention it’s installed incorrectly and the electricity under the sink is a hot mess. So we ordered a dishwasher with two drawers. That way I’m not running a half empty machine whenever I do the dishes and wasting water. They’re not cheap, but in the long run, it’s what we want and since we plan on retiring in this house, (stop me if you’ve heard this song before) we think it’s a good investment. Anyway, we’re also replacing the refrigerator, the stove top, and the oven. I’ve never had a gas stove top and an electric oven before, but I guess it’s a thing. We like how our kitchen is arranged for the most part, but not where the oven is, we’d prefer it under the range, so we’re having it moved, and the stove top is kinda broken. So we’re replacing that. Doug wants a ‘fridge with ice and filtered water and the one that’s in the kitchen right now is huge and it’s half empty most of the time, so out it goes. I believe the contractor we’re using donates old appliances to charities or recycles them, or something. We ordered these weeks ago, but the thing we’re waiting on isn’t the dishwasher, it’s the ‘fridge. No one wants smaller refrigerators, so no one keeps them in stock. They had to order it, and it’s on backorder. So there we are.

First try with the gel polish

I took the gel polish off of my fingernails because they were looking kinda sloppy. I soaked them off and was gonna redo them, but now I’m way too tired to put new polish on — it’s a process. One I don’t want to screw up because it could get messy and that’s something I don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning and redoing. So best to leave it for a day that I’m not so tired. My nails aren’t long and I’m not putting the gel on for looks. They’re fragile and they break. The gel is to keep them from breaking until I can figure out what’s making them so brittle. It’s probably the low Vitamin D (see last post) and my thyroid being so darned wonky. I mean, I’ve never had the strongest nails in the world, but they aren’t usually *this* weak. Anyway, I’m probably not going to get around to redoing them today because I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I’ll most likely spend the rest of the day either going down the Reddit rabbit hole or watching YouTube videos. Or I might play video games. I may be too tired for video games. I dunno… maybe the Sims. That’s not too taxing of a game. I mean I don’t have to pay much attention to anything, especially since I’m a cheating cheater who cheats and don’t have to pay attention to anyone’s “needs” in that game. My Sims can go about their daily business without me micromanaging them, and I’m okay with that. Mostly what I like doing in the Sims is building stuff.

Last house I built in the Sims 4. Still trying to figure out porches.

I get bored with the game play pretty quickly and just like to build things, though I guess I don’t mind watching them interact so long as I don’t have to do much of anything about it. I knew I was getting bored with it though, when I considered adding the “Wicked Sims” mod to the mix. Just to see what would happen. I think I’ll stick with building houses and playing dress-up in the character creation. It’s good, harmless fun.

And that’s all I have the energy for right now. If I hear from the doctor, I’ll let y’all know.