Daily life

What’s been taking up my time

The main thing I’m working on with the coding stuff is a prompt generator. Because I kind of miss WordPress having a daily prompt. I had my prompt generator working, but then I screwed up the JavaScript and I haven’t figured out what I did exactly to screw it up. But I will fix it… eventually. I don’t know if I can get WordPress to host this prompt generator page on my current plan, but if I can, I’ll post it on another page here on Desert Musings. If not, well I’ll find another way to host it. Right now, the whole things is pretty simple — push a button, get a prompt. It’s just a simple web page with a small script that will pull a random prompt from about five hundred questions that I’ve compiled over the years. I mean, if one cannot find something to write about out of five hundred prompts, then I can’t help them.

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Some of the prompts I pulled shamelessly from other sources and rewrote to be less gendered, time-focused, and/or USA-centric. For example, if I came across a list of questions and there was a question like “What kind of man do like to date?” I rewrote it to say something along the lines of “What do you look for in a partner?” or if a question said: “What state were you born in?” I’d re-write it to say something along the lines of: “Where — in general — were you born?” Quick public service announcement to y’all, never answer the “What state were you born in?” kind of question. It’s generally a phishing scam, meant to get information out of you, dear reader so the person can try an do some kind of identity theft. But people like to answer these kinds of questions, so that’s why I included them, but in a more vague manner. A lot of the questions though, I came up with myself. I mean, it’s not difficult to think of a question, and honestly, I highly doubt that there’s such a thing as an original question.

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Eventually, I want to the page to be more than just a button and a random prompt generator. I noticed in answering questions and looking for questions to get inspirations that, for some reason, people love ask and answer “favorite” questions, like: What’s your favorite color? and why? And instead of filling my array of those types of questions, I figured I would add a separate place that someone could click a button and generate favorite questions until they find one they want to answer. It’s also been my experience that When was the last time you… kind of questions are also quite popular, so I want to add a place that will generate those kinds of questions too. Also, WordPress has a… partnership I guess is the word, with pexels.com which has a slew of royalty free pictures and I’d think it would be awesome to be able to pull up a random picture and have the prompt, “Write about this picture.” I’d like to do the same one or two dictionaries’ word of the day too, I mean, if that’s doable. I think that some dictionaries will let embed their word of the day… I guess what I want on my prompt generator page is a variety of choices. Right now though, I totally don’t know how to make some of that happen. I mean, I used to know how to set up some of those queries in a spreadsheet or a database, but not on a website.

So I’m learning, and that takes some time.