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The price of aging

So I spoke with my doctor yesterday about my blood results. It only took two weeks, but in this time of a global pandemic, my minor health issues are but a drop in the bucket of the world’s illnesses.

Anyway, my doctor wants me to take several new medicines — five if you count the supplements. One is a super mega-dose of vitamin D that I’ll take once a week for eight weeks. But she also recommends that I take a multi-vitamin for the rest of my days to make up for the deficiency. The next is levithyroxine on top of the other thyroid medicine I’m already taking. Hopefully that will help with my TSH levels. Maybe, eventually, I’ll be able to level out my thyroid without having to take three different pills. Who knows? But the one I’m really miffed about is the statin. I really don’t like to take statins mostly because it’s just one more pill I have to take and I don’t like taking pills if I don’t have to. But I’ve gone back and forth with doctors over the years and every single one of them wants me to take a statin for my high cholesterol. So here I am, taking a statin… again. Blah… I’m also taking Linzess for my IBS-C.

It really didn’t…

So, with all those and a few supplements, I’ve basically doubled the amount of medicines I’m taking. I mean one is only temporary, and I may or may not stay on the statin or the Linzess because honestly I’ve lived with the IBS-C and the high cholesterol for a long time without medication and if I have to chose between medicines, I’ll always chose the thyroid and bipolar over everything else. But I’m willing to give them a shot for a while. Maybe these will work better than the previous medications have. And to be honest, dear reader, I’m tired of arguing with my doctors about it. I don’t like being on this many pills at one time, but I suppose that’s the price I pay for getting older. It’s not the first time I’ve had a slew of medications but I think this is the most I’ve taken at one time, including supplements. I’ll try all of them until my next appointment (eight weeks from now) and see how I feel. If I don’t feel better — and two months is a good trial run — then we’ll re-address this whole medicine-taking thing.

And that’s my mini-post for today. All of these meds are supposed to kick-start my energy, but I’m still way tired. I suppose I should give them more than a day. Ha! We shall see what we shall see. I’ve taken to sitting outside for about fifteen minutes a day to help with the whole vitamin D thing, so maybe that will help.

2 thoughts on “The price of aging

  1. I have fought with doctors for years about statins. I did take them for a few years, and ended up with hideous joint stiffness and brain fog, so I went off them. My current argument with the GP is that my parents both had cholesterol in the 300-400 range and neither of them died of a stroke or heart issues. Also, I eat a pretty healthy diet and stay away from a lot of fat, so the doc is letting it slide. My total was only 247 this time. (!) But I hear you on the number of meds. I look at that dish of meds and supplements in the morning and remember the days when I took nothing. sigh.


    1. I would argue that I eat a healthy-ish diet but my eating habits are… debatable. I go in cycles of “healthy” and “meh”. I very rarely consume more than 1800 calories a day, but the fat content of those 1800 calories can sometimes be quite high. ^_^ Plus I weigh (at this time) 260 pounds, so I can argue that I eat healthy-ish all I want and present food diary after food diary and basically what I’m saying is, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”


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