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In comparison

So my friends and family are all growing beautiful flowers, vegetables, and even wheat in their gardens and I’m all, “Look! there’s green in my back yard!”


Hehehehehe. I threw down some clover mix about a month ago, and after weeks of copious watering, you can see it growing. I’m not a gardener, dear reader. If something is growing in my yard, it has to want to grow there. When I lived in Washington, my yard was filled with waist high grass and wild flowers. I called it a meadow, but had I neighbors, they probably would have called it weeds. I like weeds. I have no problem with them. I don’t understand why this flower is allowed to grow in some people’s yards but that one isn’t. I mean, I get it if someone is trying to grow vegetables and weeds take the nutrients that the vegetables need. But if all one wants are flowers, why fight the fight? Let what grows grow and just enjoy nature. To me, one flower is as good as another, and the bees don’t care either way.

That picture up there is just half of our back yard, the clover is as sparse in the other half, but there’s grass trying to grow there too. I don’t know or care what kind of grass it is… it’s there and that’s all that matters. Have I mentioned that I love grass, but hate lawns? I’ll probably buy one of those push lawn mowers to cut down the grass in the fall just to keep the pests at bay, but other than that, I have no interest in maintaining a lawn. I despise the idea of them. That’s why I bought clover. I like it better as a ground cover anyway. Eventually, I’ll put bushes in to help keep the moisture in the ground and one day I might try to grow some vegetables, if my back lets me, but for now, it’s this clover mix. We’ll see how long it lasts. Hey, at least it’s growing, right?