Contemporary conundrums

So I really want to try something like Daily Harvest or Freshly or another service where meals get delivered to one’s door for a small fee. I’ve looked at a lot of them and friends have recommended a couple of them to me. I mean, I mentioned before that cooking for one is difficult because I end up with a ton of left over food and it often goes to waste. Even with menu planning and careful shopping I end up with way too much food. Let’s face it, dear reader, grocery stores are made for families. I’m not complaining, it’s just a fact. So yeah, I’ve been thinking about trying something like Freshly or Daily Harvest… Most of these are delivered proportioned and either ready to cook or ready to be made — so akin to a frozen dinner (but healthier?) or cook it yourself, but the ingredients are portioned to the meal and there’s supposedly little to no waste. So, that’s a good thing, right?

I mean, I’m not lying. 🙂

But here’s the rub, and one of the reasons why I don’t like even getting frozen dinners. There’s another waste that’s kind of worst than wasting food. All of these meals come in something. A container of some kind. Right? The websites for both Freshly and Daily Harvest say that their stuff is recyclable. But… but… grrr. I guess it’s like just taking their word for it. I have trust issues when it comes to big companies and recycling. Sue me. This low-key bothers me whenever Doug orders food from the restaurants too. We try to tell them not to give us superfluous things like plastic silverware or little cups of sauce, but they don’t always listen. I have been reusing some of the containers from the restaurants throughout the house, but there are only so many I can use. We do recycle whatever we can, but like I said, it bothers me that I don’t really know if what we recycle actually gets recycled. I guess I just need to take my city’s word for it. Which is ironic because I am in no way the greenest person in the world, but I do have issue with too much waste.

Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

Then there’s the financial aspect. I mean, eating out is expensive. Usually we eat one big meal for the day and I much snack for the rest of the day. Yogurt for breakfast and things like graham crackers with peanut butter for munching whenever I get hungry. Most meal delivery companies give you three to five meals for the week — dinners of course. Most are targeted for two people so I can technically get a meal box of three meals “for two” and have six meals. Technically. I suck at math… I’m pretty sure that the cost of the meals would be less buying groceries, especially if there’s less waste. I want to think it would cost less to get them and we wouldn’t be spending more to get my meals through a service while Doug still gets his meals out.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I dunno, dear reader, I’ve tried a lot of things in my effort to eat better and calm my rebellious gut. I think Doug is getting tired of my experiments. I’m getting tired of my experiments. Part of me is all, why not just get frozen dinners if this is the way I want to go? I mean, that was what I was doing when we lived in the hotel. In other news, I did stop taking the Linzess — the side effects were… very inconvenient. Like couldn’t be far away from the bathroom inconvenient. So yeah, this is what’s on my mind today. Not very exciting, I know, but there it is.