Daily life

Dyscalculia strikes again

So, I got it into my mind that I would make wallet for myself because I just got sick of the wallet that I’m using. The pockets are too small and there’s all kinds of spaces that I never use. I just need a simple wallet to keep the few cards I have in and something to keep any monies I carry in. I found this pattern and made a very sloppy wallet — it’s been a while since I’ve sewn anything, dear reader. It was a mess. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and now I’m making a new one with a better understanding of what I’m doing.

Except I think I bit off more than I could chew. Like I wanted to use these denim pieces I’ve had lying around for years and years but none of them were big enough. Great! thought I, I’ll just piece them together like a quilt and I’ll have a nifty pieced wallet. So I took the ‘outside’ pattern piece and cut it into five pieces, like so:

I even numbered them.

I’ve never pieced anything before, but I figured five pieces shouldn’t be so difficult. Well, okay, I’ve sewn squares together before, but that’s different. Now, I know I can’t just take these five bits and sew them together because then I’d end up with a much smaller piece than I need (this is a 5″ by 9″ rectangle). So I figured that I would add a half an inch all the way around each little bit. I added half an inch because I want to do a French seam which is to sew them wrong sides together first a quarter of an inch the sew them right sides together to enclose the first seam. Then top stitch over that. Because… denim. I have a heavy duty sewing machine. It can handle several layers of denim. And this is really light denim. Anyway, I added half an inch all the way around and got this:

Yes, I wrote on the fabric. It won’t show through.

That doesn’t look right to me. ^_^ Now I think what I did wrong was to add half an inch all the way around when I only needed to add half an inch to the inside bits where I’m going to be piecing them together. What I can’t figure out is which pieces I need to sew together first to get even seam lines. I mean, I can always cut the fabric back down to 5″ by 9″ once it’s sewn, right? That doesn’t really matter. It might even look a little funky if it’s not exactly the way it’s cut in the first picture, right?

I don’t want to start sewing until I figure it out. So I’ve set it aside for now, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough.