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So after countless ads and whatnot, one of those diet apps I’m constantly being bombarded with on social media went on “sale” the other day for, like “two weeks free” and I was all: I’ve been meaning to try this, why not? My thyroid has been acting up and I’ve put on a few pounds. I was losing weight, but it’s coming back on. Sigh. Such is my life. Anyway, this particular apps claims to be “different” because it has psychology and personal coaches and all that jazz. So I figured that since it’s two weeks free, I’d give it a shot.

Free is the best price. 🙂

Yeah, I deleted it after one day. First, the calorie budget they gave me was way too low. Like starvation diet low. Strike one. Two, the “personal coach” was a bot. Not that I was expecting someone to be there for me 24/7 but yeah. Total bot, and normally this app cost about fifty bucks a month… I think? Like, I’m not paying that much for a bot. I know it was a bot because the moment I signed on there were, like, five instant messages Bam! Right in my inbox. All completely configured to the “quiz” they gave me when I signed up. And that quiz was a total joke (as were all of the quizzes I took the whole day I was signed up). I was gonna give them a slide for the first day’s emails because whatever, those are introductory messages. But the next day’s “coach” letters were exactly the same type. Bot letters to the t. Strike two. AND the whole thing is based around cognitive behavioral therapy, and I’m just gonna nope right out of there whenever CBT is involved because I honestly hate CBT. So, strike three, and you’re out of there.

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So I guess I should explain about CBT. I mean I don’t have to, but I’m sure that I’ll have people who are going to defend it. I mean it works, it’s been known and proven to work, and if it works for you, dear reader, great! More power to you. I’m not here to say that it doesn’t work. What I’m saying is that I, personally, don’t like it. My mind violently rejects cognitive behavioral therapy whenever it’s presented to me, even covertly. And it’s not that I can’t admit that I do things incorrectly. I admit I’m wrong all of the time because I am not a perfect person. I’m just perfectly me. And I’ve changed my ways many, many times to correct my mistakes in life. But CBT just… makes me twitch in the worst way because it fundamentally says, “Everything you’re doing is wrong! Admit it! You’re wrong! Now, do it right!” And honestly that gets under my skin. It’s not rational, but I can’t help it. So out the figurative window when that little CBT diet app.

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I mean, even without the CBT, I can’t really justify paying a bot to be a cheerleader for me through a starvation diet. There are free apps online that can do that. It does make me wonder if there are people out there who believe these bots are real people though. So anyway, that’s the latest that’s been going on with me. For them that care, my mammogram came back negative — so that’s good news. I’ve been basically too tired to do much of anything this past week or so. Like. exhausted. But that’s par for the course, right? I’ll write more about the stuff that’s been going on whenever I have some more energy because there has been stuff going on. I’ve just been too tired to write about it.

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  1. Sorry that the diet app didn’t work for you. I’ve been on Noom for about 45 days and I really like it. It gives you daily info to help you rethink food and exercise, has a good sense of humor and is very forgiving. You can set your own calorie range if you don’t like what it initially sets (I had to re-set my calorie range as my healthcare advisor wants me to lose very slowly so I have enough energy to fight my autoimmune issues). Very easy to work with and you get put in a group where you can give each other feedback OR NOT, your choice. It works for me anyway.

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    1. I’m glad Noom is working for you. Like I said, the CBT has been shown to work for a lot of people, but as soon as I see it, I nope right out of there as fast as I can. My brain just won’t deal with it.


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