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Another Poptart update

So Poptart’s eye is looking way better today. Like it almost looks normal to the naked eye. When I took his picture I could see that it’s still cloudy though, just not as opaque as it was before. But as you can see in the photo, there’s definitely as blueness to his right eye that’s not in his left eye. I’ll keep his vet appointment for Monday, but I don’t think it’s an emergency. He’s acting normal in every other way, just as he has these past few days.

definitely a difference

I’m not a vet, and I don’t claim to be one, but if I were to venture a guess, I’d say he probably injured his eye somehow and it just needed to heal. I dunno. I know nothing about eyes, especially dog eyes. But I’m human and like to try to find the reason behind things. Anyway, just thought I’d let y’all know that he seems to be doing better. I probably wont’ give y’all any more updates until the vet appointment, unless he takes a turn for the worse. I mean, for all intents and purposes he appears to be doing fine. What more can I say?