A small rant about scams

So, I have a lot of time on my hands, as some of y’all know, and I’ve taken to perusing Reddit and some of the subreddits. One of those being the /scams subreddit. And I’ve found some… interesting facets of our society there. One of the things that baffles and befuddles me is that people will pay real money to scammers who hold them hostage because the scammers claim that they have video or pictures of them either nude or masturbating and they will send those pictures to the person’s friends or family. I’m all, “Do the friends and family of these people not know that they masturbate?” I mean, doesn’t everyone masturbate? If one of those scammers tried that with me… well, I’d know they’re lying because I have a cover over my camera and I do not tend to self pleasure in front of my computer. Also, I don’t care if other people know that I do. And finally if my friends and family are unaware that these things happen, well it’s time they become aware.

But the thing is, dear reader, we do live in such a prudish society that my first paragraph has probably made a majority of y’all uncomfortable, to the point where some of y’all were probably all, “TMI, Willow!” Like yeah, some things are best done behind closed doors, but holy hell, talking about sex should not be so taboo. That’s why these scammers can get away with these things, because the society we live in is so, “OMG, I don’t want to know all of that!” Nudity and sex are “nasty” or “dirty” unless of course, one in engaging in said sex, then it’s fun. And that’s a mindset I just don’t understand. But it’s prevalent. And as long as it is prevalent, I guess these scams will continue to work, especially on the young and vulnerable.

Srsly, guys are more complicated, and it’s not disgusting.

I have a motto to avoid scams and blackmailers alike. It’s been my motto since I was a wee lass — Never write down anything you don’t want to be read. Or, worded differently, If you don’t want anyone to read it, don’t write it down. Kind of a play off of the old saying, That which is said cannot be unsaid. So, yeah, don’t write something down if you want to keep it a secret. At all, on anything, for anyone, anywhere. Including the internet. Because if you write something down, it will be read by someone at some time and then your secret is out. It’s the same for pictures. If you don’t want someone to see it, don’t take a picture of it. And definitely don’t put it online. Because online is forever.

background image from:  Sunyu Kim from Pexels

This video came out way back in the early days of the internet, and it’s as true now as it was then…


But I dunno, I guess it’s just weird to me how much of themselves people put online. I’m a private person by nature and I get very uncomfortable giving out information even when I have to. The fact that people would open themselves up to such scams makes me scratch my head. I’m totally not blaming the victim here. The scammers need to be dragged over hot coals for taking advantage of the vulnerable like that. It’s just so weird to me that we live in a society where if someone shows their tits online they can blackmailed and/or shamed into giving monies, or worse. I don’t understand when our bodies became such a shameful thing. I mean, I guess they always have been in my lifetime, and it totally depends on where one lives. Where I grew up, in California, we had a much more lenient attitude towards our bodies. It’s always come as a shock to me whenever people are like, “Cover up! You’re being lewd, crude, and unacceptable.” It seems to me though that through the shrinking world of the internet, we as a society are becoming both more prudish and less private.

It’s a weird time.