Daily life

A blog post

It’s been a moment since I’ve posted anything on here so I just wanted to write a small post to let y’all know that I’m still alive and kicking. Today I’m a little sick. I think it’s a cold. Yeah, it’s scary to have a cold in the days of COVID-19, but I’m fairly sure it’s a cold. I don’t have a fever at all, and the cough I have is a wet cough. With COVID-19 the two main symptoms are fever and a dry cough. That and my allergies are kicking my ass. They have been for a few weeks months. Like, I can’t think of a time that my allergies have not been kicking my ass. It’s just been particularly bad right now. Doug thinks it’s because it’s monsoon season and everything is blooming. The pollen count is a medium according to this website, and the air quality is good. Me? I think it’s because my house is way dusty and, as I mentioned before, I’m way allergic to my pets.

Way allergic y’all, especially the cat. Doug and I went out and bought a handy dandy Eye Vac or stationary vacuum. It works like a electronic dustpan. I loathe using the vacuum on hardwood and tile, so this was a nice compromise. That helps with the fur and dust on the floor, but man, the dust on everything else is horrendous. Like, I can’t keep up. I’m just too tired to dust every thing every day. I can’t do it. I washed a sink full of dishes this morning and everything hurt. My knees, my hips, and my back. I’m exhausted.

Eye vac. It’s quite handy.

But I didn’t come here to whine. And I kind of dozed off there for a bit after writing that paragraph, so I lost my train of though. Other than being a bit under the weather, Doug and I have been having some things done to the house. I mentioned before that we had to have our electric panel replaced on the house so we can have our swamp coolers replaced with HVAC. We’re doing that because we need to replace the old heater because it was leaking Co2. So we thought now was a good time as any to replace the swamp coolers with refrigerated air. Well, this didn’t go as planned because the inspector failed the panel installation for work that was done in 2013 and the electricians had to come back and “fix” what was wrong. In true having stuff done on the house fashion, we’re behind on schedule and more money in the hole than we planned. We do have a spiffy new electric panel to show for it, and our stuff is up to code.

But, we do have the appliances for the kitchen in our living areas, just waiting to be installed this week. The people installing them are coming tomorrow to begin that process. We are still waiting for the HVAC to be installed because that had to be pushed back due to the whole panel fiasco. Hopefully though, dear reader, we’ll have our new appliances in place and all of the work on the house will be done within the next two weeks. Oh, we also replaced the ugly and annoying blinds in the living room and in my bedroom with curtains. OMG, it’s so wonderful. In the front room, we have curtains with sheers and the filtering of the light has been so great for my eyes. Plus, having black out curtains in my bedroom is a blessing. It’s so great. The blinds let in so much light, and I prefer to sleep in the dark. Anyway, we finally go those done.

Poptart is tired of all of the shenanigans too.

So it’s been a bit busy these last few days with people coming in and out. Whenever someone comes to the house, we have to contain the dogs because Poptart bites, and he bites hard. Also whenever someone has to access the back yard, we have to unlock the gate and so we have to bring the animals inside so they don’t try to get out. The pets don’t like it. It’s frustrating because they whine and cry the entire time they’re contained. We’ll have to deal with this a few more times this week and probably next week. Blah. And I lost track of what I was going to say again. Allergies suck. Anyway, I’ll be glad to have all of this work done.

And that’s it for my meandering thoughts for the day. I just wanted to let y’all know that we’re doing okay. The pets seem to be fine. I need to find someone to walk the dogs since I’m too tired to do it. Brandy especially is getting kind of antsy sitting around the house. We had someone to walk them in Washington but just haven’t gotten around to doing it here. Keep safe y’all, we live in scary times.