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So, I tried Daily Harvest

For those who don’t know, Daily Harvest is one of those food services that you can order online and have meals delivered to your door. Daily Harvest specializes in things like smoothies, oat bowls, chia bowls and whatnot. You can look them up if you’re interested, dear reader. I’m not gonna link them because my trial with them was less than spectacular.


Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t awful. I mean, the stuff they offered was okay, I guess, and they delivered on time. I think some of the combinations were… interesting. I suppose if one is into smoothies, Daily Harvest would be a good fit. I thought I’d like it because I’m okay with smoothies. I figured it would be a good way to get my fruits and veggies without the food waste I wrote about in a previous blog. I mean everything is frozen and it’s all in compostable containers. So bonus, right? If one is a vegetarian, everything is plant-based. I’m not a vegetarian, but this wasn’t supposed to be my entire diet, just my breakfast and lunch, so I was okay with plant-based.

Freezer full of Daily Harvest

To be honest, I found the “food” to be rather bland, despite the interesting combinations. I put food in quotes because a lot of what they offer is pucks of frozen… stuff that melts whenever you process it, either by cooking or by blending. Yeah, there are fruits and vegetables there too, but the pucks of frozen junk make up a lot of what’s there too. They’re supposed to add flavor I suppose. If that’s their purpose, they fail miserably. But that’s not why I cancelled my subscription. Actually, it is. I only had four weeks of delivery and my freezer is full of Daily Harvest offerings. I didn’t even get that much delivered each week — about twelve items a week, I think, but the food is so bland that I’m like, “Yeah I can’t be bothered to go make that.” And it’s freaking smoothies and oatmeal y’all. Like, it takes two minutes to heat up the oatmeal but I had to force myself to make it this morning because I can’t have a freezer full of food slowly rotting away. I guess I kept it going for a month because I just hoped the different combinations would taste better? No. No, they didn’t. I tried a lot of them too.

I mean, I guess I could have added some sugar and/or salt or other kinds of seasoning and/or sweetener. But if I want to cook and experiment, I wouldn’t have subscribed to something like Daily Harvest. That’s why I paid for a subscription. All in all, if someone were to ask me if I recommended Daily Harvest, I would not recommend it. Unless you like bland food. Also, if you have IBS-C, don’t try it. Especially if your trigger is seeds. So many seeds. Seeds everywhere. My gut was not happy with me at all. Anyway, I wasn’t blown away with Daily Harvest. Hell, I wasn’t even satisfied with them. And I don’t see me spending any more money on the underwhelming product that they offer.