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So, I saw this comic the other day:

And that’s totally where my headspace is right now. I like having long hair, but I hate dealing with it, to tell y’all the truth. Like, I love the feeling of having my hair long and I love the ability of being able to put it in all kinds of styles. But let’s be honest here, dear readers, my hair is fine and straight. It ain’t going into any styles, except pony tails and braids. And that’s basically how it stays most days, either in a pony tail (or as my kidling used to call them “a George Washington”) or a braid. If it’s really hot, like it has been lately, I’ll do it up in a bun. Can’t do buns with short hair, and that’s a fact. But having long hair is a pain, y’all. It takes more shampoo to wash it, and it takes forever to dry, even for fine hair. Shorter hair doesn’t take as much shampoo and dries almost immediately. Not only that, but after my hair grows a certain length, and it’s reached that length, it starts to break. I think that’s because of my weird thyroid issues or maybe I’m still Vitamin D deficient, I don’t know. So if it keeps up, I’ll have an entire layer of shorter hair that looks like a bad haircut. Right now, it looks like a stylized choice because it’s only in the front that the hair has been breaking. So, yeah… I’m at that in between stage where I want to cut my hair, but I want to keep it long too.

It’s a tough one…

In other news, tomorrow the plumbers come to finally finish putting in our air conditioning. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. It’s been a long bumpy ride getting this finished, y’all. Lots of setbacks. But cross your fingers that we can have it all done tomorrow. The dogs will be glad to see fewer people coming in and out of that house, that’s fersure. They’ve been particularly stressed out with all of the people who have invaded their territory. But one thing I’m looking forward to is better control over the temperatures. I mean, swamp coolers are okay, but they only have basic controls — on, off, low, and high. And here’s the thing, dear reader. I’m freezing! I’m wearing shawls to keep warm, but both Doug and the dogs get overheated if we turn the swamp coolers off. Like, I know he’s hot because half the time he’s walking around shirtless and sweating.

I couldn’t find the original of this

Of course the whole body temperature thing is gender related. I know that. What I’m hoping is that we can set the thermostat to something like 70 or 72 and leave it there. I’ll still be chilly and he’ll still be warm, but we’ll be better off than we are now. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

Anyway, I had something else I wanted to write about, but I forgot it was. Also, my words are not coming out the way I want them too, which means my brain is tired. So I’ll catch y’all next time.