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Just a quick heads up

I went to the doctor’s the other day and we worked out a new medication routine. Because the levothyroxine is making me so tired, she suggested taking it at night. Yeah, I know, the Endocrinologist I saw awhile back said not to take it at night, but I wasn’t taking the same medicines then. Here’s the problem… Thyroid meds have to be taken on an empty stomach and hours before or after other medications (i.e., my psych meds). Whenever I took my thyroid meds at night the last time, I took them with my psych meds because I just didn’t care, really. This time, I’m gonna do it right. So, I need to change a lot of things around in my daily routine in order to take my thyroid medicines at night. Like I go to bed around ten o’clock, so I need to stop eating about four hours before, and take my psych meds about that time — about six o’clock in the evening.

It’ll take a hot minute to get used to this new regime. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Last night I slept 12 hours from 7pm to 7am because I made the mistake of eating when I took my psych meds, and that can make the Seroquel knock me out. If I don’t eat at the same time, it doesn’t have the same effect. Sometimes I can be awake all night. Last night though, I was out like a light. Doug woke me up at 10 to take my meds. But we’ll figure it out eventually. ^_^

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

In good news, my numbers are good. I don’t think they checked my cholesterol numbers though, at least I didn’t get any results for cholesterol. Interesting. But my thyroid numbers are “within normal limits” and so is my Vitamin D. Which is great, I suppose. Hasn’t helped my energy levels and my nails are still breaking off right and left, but whatever. My numbers are “good” so that’s what counts, right? Blah. Hopefully this change of schedule will help with the energy at least. We’ll see. I know that not eating anything after 6 o’clock will help with my digestion because I’ve done that before — just because — and it always helps. Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know that I may be inconsistent with my blog posts (like, what else is new?) for a little while.