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Brandy update

Some of y’all may or may not know that Brandy had surgery yesterday to remove a fatty tumor. It kind of showed up all of a sudden under her front right leg. Normally, fatty tumors can be ignored, but my dogs seem to have this habit of getting them in really bad places. Both Poptart and Cocoa got huge fatty tumors in the groin area and had to have them removed. Brandy’s was just where the leg and chest meet and it was turning her leg out, so out it came.

The surgery went well, but it was a big tumor so it’s draining like crazy. She has to be kept still, and she’s not happy with that at all. We originally had an inflatable collar on her but I don’t think she can reach where the incision is. And she really didn’t like the collar. We couldn’t keep her still while it was on because she kept trying to get it off.

Brandy yesterday

So yeah. We do have sedatives but I don’t want to drug her too much. I was up with her most of the night and I finally took the collar off of her in the early hours and switched her shirt out for one of my sports bras and and some bandages to catch the drainage. There’s a lot of drainage because it really was a bit mass, so there’s a huge void left where it was. I talked to the vet about that this morning. So long as she stays still, she should be okay. I mean, moving around a little is okay, but she was pacing most of the night. She calmed down when I took the collar off.

Poptart is a little worried about her though. He wasn’t happy at all yesterday while she was at the vet’s. He’s glad now that she’s home.

Poptart watching over Brandy

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on her, but so far, so good. The other two came through with flying colors, so I don’t see why Brandy shouldn’t. So long as I keep her quiet, she should be fine. That’s why she’s on a leash in the above picture, to keep her from wandering and pacing. The wound is just in bad place for her to be walking around. She doesn’t like it, as you can see, but that’s just too bad. She’ll get over it.