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Brandy update and pet pics

So Brandy had her post-operation check-up yesterday and she’s doing well. They took the drain out and checked her incision. It’s healing as it should. The biggest hurdle is keeping her still so she doesn’t rip her stitches. As I mentioned before, we have sedating drugs, but I don’t like using them. However, if that’s what it takes… We’ve got her in a t-shirt now to keep both her and the other dogs from licking at her wound, and to keep her from scratching it. Another thing that I’m finding hard is remembering to when to give Brandy her medicines. I have a ton of my own meds I’m trying to remember because my schedule was switched around not too long ago, and she’s got four she’s on for about two weeks — antibiotics, pain meds, and the aforementioned sedatives. And, of course, they are on a different schedule. *sigh* Three days in and I’m already behind.

Anyway, she’s doing well. The drain is out, and she wants to run and jump and bark at all intruders. Keeping her calm is proving to be the hardest hurdle. It was easy for the smaller dogs because we could keep them in a kennel, but she absolutely hates being kept confined. Trauma from her days in the pound I think.

It’s gonna be a long two weeks.

Brandy doesn’t like sitting still.
Cocoa in the window seat.
Poptart is ready for fall.
Mister just wants to sleep, yo.