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The Twelve Bloggers Questions

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So, right now I’m not following a lot of people, but I hope to change that soon. I say that because I kind of sound like a broken record whenever I say, I saw this on Melanie’s blog which you can find here. I just kinda forgot the address to a lot of the other bloggers that I followed and they, of course, don’t know that I changed names, a few formats or that I’m back on WordPress. And since I like for things to grow organically whenever possible, I’m content with letting this blog do the same. So y’all are just going to have to contend with me saying: I saw this on Melanie’s blog… for a little while longer. Anyway, I answered a few of A Guy Called Bloke’s (Rory) questions on my other blog. This particular blog post is linked in the image above, and the questions are below. So, here we go…

What really lights you up? I’m gonna assume that you mean “makes you happy” otherwise it’s good lighting, and that’s a boring answer. Well, what makes me happy is pretty boring too, because that would be my husband. He makes me happy every day.

My body is old, my mind, not so much.

When do you think we become old? Chronologically, we get older every moment we’re alive. When I was a kid, I thought 30 was old. When I was a teenager, I thought fifty was old. Now that I’m in my mid-fifties, I’m pretty sure that ninety is old. Will I live to see ninety? I dunno, but I haven’t reached “old” yet. Though some days I feel like my body is ninety. Yeah I do.

What’s in your fridge right now? Without going to check, the ingredients to two Blue Apron dinners — one salmon with potatoes and one chicken with potatoes — that really need to be cooked before they go bad. I went through two weeks of those before I cancelled because too much food, and not really food that I enjoyed eating. Some, I want to say almond milk? I was using that for the other meal service that I talked about not too long ago — for the smoothies and oat bowls. Some orange juice for Doug. About four yogurts, two fruit and two vanilla. Various sauces (soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, mustard, and the like), mayonnaise, a lemon. There’s also a left over side salad from one of Doug’s lunches a few days ago. I should probably should throw that away. And the last thing I can think of is the American cheese we bought to hide Brandy’s pills in because the pill pockets were not working. We’re also using peanut butter to mix things up, but the peanut butter isn’t in the fridge. And that’s all I can think of without getting up to look.

Never mind three wishes, give me one good fantasy which would be…? This is strictly USA, but I saw this the other day and thought it was beautiful

A beautiful day indeed

How do you think your readers see you as the writer of your blog as a person away from your blog? I dunno. I never really thought about it. I mean, I am as I appear to be, online and off. I may be a bit more careful with my language online. I use a little more proofreading for errors and some editing for content that might offend people — some, not a lot, but a word here and there to soothe the savage beast. I mean, it’s easier to do when typing than when speaking. And even with proofreading mistakes will happen because my mind isn’t what it used to be. But other than that… what you see is what you get.

How do you wish to be seen and interpreted as a person away from your blog by the readers of your blog? I learned a long time ago that I cannot control other people’s actions. Only my own. Right now, this blog is pretty small. Even my other blogs were small. I’m not trying to win any popularity contests over here. Mostly bots followed one blog — it’s pretty funny when bots follow you and make nonsensical comments on your blog. Anyway, how someone sees me is their own business and none of mine. I wish they would see me in a realistic light. But even in real life, people perceive me with their own lens, and I can’t change that. The only thing I strive to do is as someone once said: Live your life in such a way that if someone were to speak ill of you, no one will believe them. But I’ll tell you what, dear reader, that’s almost impossible to do, because people love gossip, and there are some people in this world who would rather believe the gossip they hear than what is in front of their own eyes.


Do our fears start with our DNA? Ah, the old nature verses nurture thing, eh? As one of my online friends often points out, we humans have an innate fear of the tiger lurking in the bushes. That is indisputable, and probably imprinted in our DNA. It’s part of our survival instinct and why we have the fight, flight, or freeze reflex. Our very survival is depends on us knowing if if we can fight, outrun, or make whatever is moving in the bushes ignore us. This fundamentally means that we as a species fear the unknown. All of us, it’s our first instinct to fling an unknown thing away from us. Is it in our DNA? Yeah. But here’s the thing, dear reader, what we do with the information once something is known to us… overcome that initial fear or keep living in fear — well, that’s what sets us apart from each other.

What is the truest quality of life in your opinion? I have a good husband, a nice house, a car that runs, and pets I love. I’m good. Other than that, I’m not sure I understand the question.

What do you think the secret is to you letting yourself go? So there are two ways to interpret “letting yourself go”. One would be: getting fat, not taking care of yourself, being slovenly, &c… and there’s no secret to that. I mean, you just stop caring about everything. The other way to interpret “letting yourself go” would be the Frozen type of “Let it Go” in the sense of letting go of your troubles, and setting yourself free of stress. And in such cases I pretty much follow The Dude from the Big Lebowski (dudeism is a thing). For which I mean, like, just be chill and don’t let things bother me. Which is weird because I never actually watched that movie, but I am ordained in the church of Dudeism. So there you are.

Let it go

What stops you from being the truer version of you or are you already the truer version of you? I am the truest version of me that I can be. I have always tried to be true to me. There are a few times that I can remember where I presented a false front, but those times are few and far between, as I said before, what you see is what you get. Putting on a facade is exhausting, and fatigued enough as it is.

What are 7 things you have learned about blogging since you started your blog that would be beneficial to other bloggers right now? I can’t really think of seven things that I’ve learned, especially that would would be of particular benefit to other bloggers. I mean the one thing that I have learned is that even though WordPress has its flaws, and they are many, it’s really the best blogging platform out there for the type of blog that I have — a personal blog. If you have a different kind of blog, a business blog or a fictional blog, there are other options out there, but for a personal blog that’s not monetized, well… WordPress is the best one. In my humble opinion.

It’s true

Should we care what other people think about us? This kind of continues the questions from above, but okay. Um, the answer is still no, but with a caveat. In this day of cancel culture, it behooves anyone to be careful how they act and react to things. I say this, dear reader, because public opinion can bring ruin to anyone in this day and age with frightening speed and without thought of the consequences. Things people have said in the past that no one thought twice of have been dredged up and held to the public eye and that person’s life crumbles around them. For a moment, for a day, for years. I always keep this in mind: Someone who gossips with you will gossip about you. So honestly, just be a good person and hope for the best.

And those are the questions. I’ll try and make a blog post that’s not answering questions, but right now that’s all I have the energy for. Talk at y’all later.