Daily life

Random thoughts

Whenever I have the brainpower, I try and work on that website I talked about a few months ago — the one I’ve been trying to put together that’s basically a daily prompt generator. I had a simple prompt generator working, but I did something that broke it, and I can’t figure out what I did. I don’t know code, and I had enrolled in an online school — Codecademy to try and learn it, but kept falling asleep during their courses. I think with all that’s going on in my body right now — the hypothyroidism and the meds for that, the fibromyalgia, my bipolar meds, and so on — is affecting my learning skillz. I mean, I learned a bit, but I took that first course, like three times. Watched the videos half a dozen times and I still have to look up how to do html stuff. So yeah… But I’m still working on it. It’s just slow going.

Random thought the second. I think I’ve found the solution to my meal problem. As some of y’all might know, I’ve been trying to figure out how to feed myself without wasting food. Most restaurants give me way too much food, and shopping for one is just too much work. Doug likes restaurant food and usually has something he “wants” whenever he orders food. I’m not that picky. I’m good with whatever. And I hate wasting food. I’ve tried a couple of meal delivery services over the last few months. But the problem with most of the meal plans is that they are for at least two people and usually for families. But I’m cooking for me and just me. Anyway, right now I’m trying one called Tovala, which comes with a smart oven. Actually, it’s basically the smart oven which comes with a meal plan. I wasn’t going to try it at first because you have to buy the smart oven. But then I was, “Eh, I want a toaster oven anyway.” Now, the smart oven costs a pretty penny — but if one gets a six month subscription to the meal plan, then you get a good deal, so I did that. And the food is pretty good. Plus it cooks more than the meals, so bonus.

The only problem I have with delivered meals is all of the packaging that goes with them. I have a plan for the insulated lining, and the boxes can be recycled. It’s the frozen gel packs that make me go… eh… I looked up online what to do with them and the most suggested thing was to give them away to people who could reuse them. I dunno if I can give away so many ice packs, but we’ll see. One of the other food services used dry ice and that was great because it just disappeared, but this one… nope. Right now, I’m locked into getting six meals a week for six months, but whenever I’m done with that, I’ll definitely pare that down and get fewer meals over time. The good thing about this stove is that it is basically a smart stove. It’s not just for cooking the Tovala meals. For example, you can scan most of the foods from Trader Joe’s and it will cook them. Or, you can use it as a toaster oven. So we didn’t spend a lot of money for a one-use kitchen gadget. Now, keep in mind I’ve only had it for a few days, but so far, I’m liking it.

recipe from Tovala app…

Third random thought. So I’ve been trying out this taking my thyroid meds for about… um… three weeks now? Maybe four. I’m not as tired, but I’m still way tired most of the time. I have a few hours in the morning where I have some energy, but round about two in the afternoon, sometimes sooner, I’m done for the day. Those first few hours though, I do get way more done that I did before. Like, dishes, laundry, sweeping the floor. Even dusting. But yeah… I’m still way tired. And as I mentioned above, I’m still foggy in the brain. I’m gonna continue to take my meds at night just to give it a fair shot, sometimes it takes six weeks to get the full effect of these things. My doctor also recommended that I get hormone replacement therapy, and I’ve talked to a GYN about it last week. She’s prescribed HRT for me, but it’s gonna take a minute for me to get the blood tests I need. Anyway, I have some reservations about HRT because of my bipolar, but I’m willing to give it a shot. We’ll see what happens.

Cookies would be nice. 🙂

And those are the things that have been on my mind. Not a lot, I know, but I figured I’d write a blog post about it because I’ve been pretty bad about writing blog posts. Probably because it takes me forever to write these. Like, I started writing this one about one o’clock and it’s 3 o’clock now. Okay, now it’s 3:30 because my meals for this week got delivered and I got distracted. I didn’t even make a picture for this post. Just used old ones and pictures from the Tovala website. Oh well. I’m tired, so I’ma post this now before it gets much later. Have fun y’all.