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Sharing My World – End of September

It’s Monday, y’all. And that means Melanie’s Share Your World. I’m a bit tired today, so I may not be as talkative (for lack of a better word) as I usually am. Switching my meds around has given me a little more energy, but the chronic fatigue is ever-present. Also, the weather here is being moody, and that plays merry hell with my energy levels. It was hot enough to use the AC over the weekend, but it’s now cold enough to wear a shawl. So yeah, moody.

Anyway, on to this weeks questions (the emoticon’s are Melanie’s). Go to Melanie’s site to see other people’s answers. Here are mine:

Where do you feel most at home? Please be more specific than β€œat home, doh” please. It could be a room in your home, a person, a location… 😝 😁 πŸ˜‡ . I’ve never found a place where I feel “at home” so to speak. I mean I feel comfortable in this house, and it’s okay. I felt most “at home” in my RV, but even then it wasn’t really my home because I didn’t have the money to make it mine. I was in the process of doing so when I had to sell it for… reasons… but yeah, I was totally at home in The Beast (or as my friend, Mags called it “The Willow Wagon”). I think that it was because of two things: One that it was a small space and two that it was mobile. Yep, that would be my ideal place — small and mobile.

The Beast when I first got her in April of 2010

Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car? 🐎 πŸš— 🚲 At this point in my life, I would not do well on a bike. Not at all. I mean I used to love riding bikes. When I was a teenager, it was my main form of transportation. But my back went and that nixed bike riding forever. I’ve ridden a horse once in my life and that was because my boyfriend at the time wanted to go horseback riding on a date. Ah, the things we do for love. Ha! I’m terrified of horses, dear reader. Terrified. I’m serious. I love driving though. Love it. I love driving just to drive, and used to just get in the car, drive until I was out of gas. Then I would fill up the tank and drive back. I don’t do that so much anymore because gas prices are outrageous, but it was a thing I did to calm my nerves. I’ve driven across the USA five times. I love it.


What song would you sing on β€œKaraoke Night” (if you were forced to do so)? 🎀 🎢 🎻🎷🎺🎸🎡🎹 Depends on my mood really. I don’t sing as well as I used to, but I can still belt out a tune or two if I have to. My asthma killed my voice because I can’t breathe from my gut anymore, so I can’t hold a note. Now it cracks and sounds breathy. I guess I’d have to sing something fun like California Dreaming from the Mamas and the Papas. It’s catchy, nostalgic and not a whole lot of held notes.

On such a winter’s day…

University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life? πŸŽ“ I think they both have their place. Life experience won’t teach a person things like Calculus or how to write properly, but going to college does not give a person the wisdom one needs to put the book learning to use. I’ll bring up the horse riding date I mentioned earlier. I have read a lot of books where people rode horses as their means of transportation. And most of those books give tips and tricks on how to ride a horse — because that’s what authors do when they love something, they write about it. So, in a way, I “knew” how to ride a horse. I knew what to do and what not to do when approaching a horse, when sitting on a horse and when handling a horse. Because I’d read, probably hundreds of books that informed me about the does and don’ts of riding a horse. But, I’d never ridden a horse before that day. We went on a trail ride and I was totally nervous but knew not to show it or act overtly nervous. I tried to put my “book knowledge” to use, and while on the ride, the dude in charge (I don’t know the title) asked me if I’d ever ridden before.

I was like, “No, but I’ve read a lot of books about it.”

He smiled and said, “You’re probably riding the only horse where all of that book learnin’ will do you good.” He still said that I was doing well for my first time on a horse, especially since I have this unholy fear of horses.

So yeah, book learning is good, and so are life lessons.

IT’S AN ATTITUDE – GRATITUDE! (Participation Always Optional Of Course)

I saw this on my Facespace and it made me laugh. I’m always grateful when something makes me laugh full credit to the artist…:

6 thoughts on “Sharing My World – End of September

  1. A lovely read. You know, horses are used for therapy? For a lot of different reasons. Look up hippotherapy which might make you reconsider. Not change your mind, just reassess.


    1. I’ve heard of that. I’ve had this fear of horses for a long time. A friend of mine tried to “cure” me by locking me in a corral with a bunch of horses and a bowl of apples.

      It didn’t help.

      I actually think horses are beautiful animals, so long as there’s a fence between me and them.

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      1. Unh. Change friends? Hippotherapy is never without a trained therapist.

        But hey, I’ve been afraid of blue cheese all my life. Please don’t send your friend over. I have fences, too.


  2. BWAHAHHAH!! That Spiderman cartoon was priceless! I’m gonna laugh all day now! Incidently and for no real reason, I saw that type of full face mask when I was looking for some more creative masks than just white paper and string (well you know)…I bought one that had Skeletor as the face, and tried to wear it. Once. It bugged the poop out of me because I hate things on my face. Hadn’t thought about THAT before I bought. Doh! Anyway thanks so much Ms. W for your pertinent Share Your World. I’m like you in a way, never have found ‘home’ as others talk about it. I keep thinking I’ve done it and find out in short order that it’s not ‘home’. It’s okay. I can deal with it, but surely there’s more? Who knows? Deep thoughts for a sweaty Tuesday morning..

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