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October blogging plans

So I mentioned a while back that I’ve been trying to create a web page that will generate a random prompt from a list of prompts. I’ve finally gotten the first part of that to work today. I had the bright idea to go on Reddit and see if there was a JavaScript subreddit that I could ask for help with my problem and guess what? There is! Weeks of frustration and they saw what I was doing wrong in less than five minutes. I’m tell y’all, Reddit gets a bad rap. I mean yeah, there are toxic places, but I just don’t go there and I’m good. Anyway, I figured that I’d give my prompt generator a run for October. And here is the question it came up with for today:

Random prompt is random

Now that I’ve gotten the script to work, I can work on getting the web page itself to look better. I mean, this looks okay, but with the plans I have for the page, it won’t work the way I want it to.

Anyway, on to the prompt. I think that eating healthier is way easier than exercising. At least for me. I have very little difficulties eating healthy, even for long periods of time. Like, food is food for me. So long as it doesn’t upset my delicate digestive system, I’m okay with healthy food. And therein lies the problem… most food that’s “healthy” for me doesn’t sit well on my gut. But I can get around that by eating less. I mean, I eat less than 1700 calories most days. Exercise though? Yeah, not a fan.

didn’t like it at all

Most exercise is just… boring for me, so I’ll usually do whatever it is for a week, maybe two and then that’s it. And right now, I’m having problems with my breathing so even the stuff I like… I can’t really do. I mean, when I was younger, I used to dance for exercise. Country line dancing. And partner dancing. I love it. I did it every night at the bar. I was in good shape because that stuff is good exercise. And I walked everywhere. I love to walk. I’ll walk forever if given the chance. But I can’t right now because my lungs won’t let me. Y’all just don’t know. It’s stressing me out, not being able to just go out and walk. Even when I did walk and dance, eating “right” was easier than exercising.

more, actually. ^_^

So anyway, that’s my plan for October, test the random prompt waters and see if the prompts I have are worth writing about. Tell me what y’all think. I don’t have anywhere right now to host the website. I don’t think I can on my current WordPress setup, but whenever I do, I’ll direct y’all to it.

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