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Oct 3 QotD

Okay so it’s day three and I’m on a three day streak! Let’s see if I can make it all the way through October with this experiment. It’s early-ish in the morning so I haven’t fiddled with the prompt page yet, I figured I would write the prompt first and see what I can do with the page later. Doug says I can probably host the prompt page on his website and see if y’all can access it from there. So we’ll see if I can make that work. Anyway, on to today’s question:

What is the most selfless thing someone else has done for you?

Hmmm. That’s a hard one. There have been quite a few people in my life that have helped me out, but most of them have had ulterior motives, which is not the definition of selfless. I’ve got to say that the most selfless thing that someone has done for me was my uncle taking me in when my psycho ex when nuts and tried to kill me. I mean he did have a somewhat selfish motive, he was a lonely guy bumping about in his house and really wanted someone to stay with him, but it was truly a nice thing he did for me. He also talked me into staying and finishing my college education, which I’m still paying for, but he let me stay in his converted attic for free, so that was selfless of him.

Mississippi State University… my alma mater

Unfortunately, my ultra conservative uncle and I clashed on many things. Many things. He was only willing to help pay for my college if I took the courses that he approved, and he did not approve of English. He did not think that I really have Dyscalculia. He just thought that I had a “woman’s fear of Math” and I needed to get over it and study a “real” curriculum so I could get a job after I graduated. English, in his eyes, was a wasted degree — only “hippies and losers” got an English degree. Which one was I? I guess I’m a hippie and a loser. Whatever. So while he was letting me stay in his attic for free, he withdrew his offer to help me through college when I dropped out of the Education program and enrolled in English. No matter how much I told him that I simply could not do Math, he refused to believe me. Anyway I ended up in student-loan debt, but less debt than if I had been paying rent, so there’s that.

After about a year or two, he helped my buy my RV because neither of us could take our disparate personalities in the same house. I lived for a year in the RV and saved a ton in rent by paying just the parking fees at the college. It was almost as good as living in his attic, but less aggravating because I wasn’t arguing with my uncle all of the time. I mean, I didn’t have any running water, heat, or air conditioning, but you can’t have everything. Ha! Since I was living on campus in my RV, I used the gym for showering and parked in the book store parking lot. I used their internet connection and generally ate at the student union. Since my cat Mister was living with me, I tried to spend some time in the RV itself and I took him for walks in the evenings to stretch his legs. He got used to the leash pretty quickly.

Mister in the RV. He was a big boy back then.

Anyway, my uncle, despite our differences, tries to be a nice person. However, he has his faults, and we’re now estranged because of those faults. Our personalities simply could not withstand the close contact of being in the same four walls for two years. We genuinely cared for each other as much as an uncle and niece could but… well let’s just say that even after he helped me buy the RV and we put some distance between us, we still had our differences. Our parting was… explosive. And final. The nicest thing I can say about what happened is that he became a gossiping busy-body and for some reason, was trying sow hate and discontent amongst the rest of the family. It worked. I guess he was always a bit of a gossip and I just never realized it, but the last year I was in college, it just intensified. I am always and forever grateful for the help he gave me while I was in college, but he is one of the main reasons why I am estranged from my kids — because of his wagging tongue. And I honestly will never forget that. So, the easiest thing was to just… stop talking to him. It didn’t stop him from gossiping but whenever someone said, “Did you say this… to uncle?” I could honestly say, “I haven’t spoken to uncle since I left MS.”

Something I learned early and kept in mind.

Anyway, I wanted to say something nice about my uncle. Because he did try to do an altruistic thing and be a “good Christian”. And like I said, I wouldn’t be where I am today if he hadn’t taken me in after my psycho ex went off the wall. So that was a selfless act, and one I appreciate. All of the madness that followed, well, that happened too, but it doesn’t negate the selfless act. So yeah, I’m glad that the one thing happened and that I went to Mississippi. If I had to do it all over again, I’d do it the same.