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Oct 4 QotD

Day four, y’all. I know that doesn’t seem like an incredible milestone, but it’s the most I’ve written in this particular blog in a long time. So cut me some slack. ^_^ I’m trying to pull myself up out of a slump over here. Anyway, today’s question is this:

What holiday did you enjoy as a child but do not celebrate today?

I’m gonna have to go with Christmas on this one. I loved Christmas as a kid. And I really enjoyed celebrating it when my kids were very young, but as I got older, well the joy of the holiday, or I should say the holiday season, because I’m not Christian, I’m Agnostic. As an adult, I just sort of celebrated the general “winter holidays” as it were, but even that of faded for me. Now I can’t even get into the merry and bright mood. And I can tell y’all exactly why — so called “Christians” and their insistence that I, and people like me, are everything that’s wrong with the world around that time of year. Like I didn’t mind that they took up more and more of the calendar every year — okay, yeah I did. I enjoy celebrating each holiday in its corresponding month, thank you very much. But I mean, I could almost ignore Christmas decorations in the stores in October. I really could. But it really got under my skin when every. flipping. year. someone had to ruin my holidays by insisting that I was celebrating my winter holiday wrong because I wasn’t a Christian and celebrating the birth of Christ. All while they were dripping in packages and spiced wine. How very Christian of them.

Yeah, doesn’t bother me a bit. ^_^

Anyway, nowadays I don’t celebrate Christmas, or the winter holidays much. Doug and I will put up a tree and we might decorate a bit, but it doesn’t hold the same magic that it once had for me. I think the fact that my kids aren’t young anymore might also have something to do with it. I liked decorating for them and buying gifts for them. Same with Halloween. I used to love decorating for them and dressing them up. But I’m not as into it now. Though given half a chance and a little help, I’d probably do our place up for both holidays, because I like making my windows look pretty for holidays. But when it comes down to it, I’m an introvert by nature so now that the kids are gone, I’m okay with letting the holidays go by with not much in the way of fussing. Because some things that are more fun when you’re doing them with friends and family, you know? And I think that celebrating a holiday is one of those things. Don’t get me wrong, dear reader, I don’t sit alone on any given holiday and lament my life because it’s just me and Doug. I love my husband and I’m okay with how we go about not making a big deal out of certain, arbitrary days on the calendar. I mean, I’m good either way — big party, no party, it’s all the same to me.

Seriously, people gotta wait.

So that’s question number four. I fiddled with the website a bit yesterday but I can’t figure out how to get it to do what I want it to do. I’m gonna work on it a bit more today. Right now, I’m gathering quotes so I can have a quote prompt. And next is images to have an image prompt. Those are kind of easy, they’re similar to what I’ve already done, but the other part isn’t so easy… But I might have a way around it. The really difficult part is going to be making it look nice. I mean you see the snippet that I’ve been pasting up top. It’s very basic and doesn’t look that great. But I’m still learning all this stuff, so bear with me.

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