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The more things change…

Some of y’all may recall the difficulty I had with WordPress when I was using Chrome. I couldn’t log into my website other than the admin or the reader, nor could I leave messages on any other blog through their website unless it was through the Reader. Well, that difficulty is back with this browser. Everything was working fine until yesterday then Bam! can’t log in unless it’s through my admin or through the reader. It’s why the theme on my page has changed, because that was one of the recommendations to see what’s wrong with the sign in. Nope, something is wrong with the browser and it’s not playing nice with both Facebook and WordPress.

Obligatory mad at computer comic.

I’ve run all of the requisite virus checks, malware checks and so on, but it seems that whatever was wrong with Chrome has found its way into Opera. Opera is kind of a clone of Chrome, but different, so I guess I should have expected something to go wrong eventually. I just really really don’t like Microsoft Edge. I don’t care how much they say it’s changed, and it has, I still don’t like it. So I have several options. I can work around it like I was before — just use the Reader to do everything in WordPress and hope for the best (keeping Opera). Try a different browser and see it that makes the problem go away. Create a different google account for everything that’s synced, and rebuild… everything. *sigh* It took me two days to do that last time I tried. I… er… forgot the password and locked myself out of the new account. Ha! Old blonde lady moment right there! I was bawling, y’all. Tears for days. Or I can bite the bullet and use Microsoft Edge. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

Technology is great. Until it isn’t.

I’ve noticed that I keep getting logged out of my peripheral accounts too — Steam and Origin — the accounts my video games are on. They’re supposed to stay logged in, but they keep getting logged out. I wonder if Opera is not behaving the way it’s supposed to? Hmmm. I may have to switch browsers just because.

If y’all don’t hear from me for a bit, it’s because I’m trying to figure this all out. Just so’s you know.

4 thoughts on “The more things change…

  1. Sorry. There are a lot of bright people doing IT now. But the new kids on the whole are &*^%* idiots. At least as far as good (or even passable) UI/UX and just good old common sense putting things together. Put these philosophies on top of that: change for change’s sake; gee this LOOKS slick, so let’s do it; hey, with a new name for old shix we can remarket and get more money – you’ve a real crap deal for the paying people. I feel for ya. And I’m a 40+ career IT jerk, now on the outside looking on. And it ain’t pretty.


    1. I liked Chrome because it’s pretty free of bells and whistles. It’s only when it things started getting corrupted that I switched things up. For some reason, Chrome doesn’t play well with WordPress and Facebook sometimes. I think it’s the adblock they don’t like. I dunno.


  2. Aw. I’d hoped that Opera would prove to be a better browser than Chrome. I was going to switch over actually, but never quite got around to it. Now I guess I’m glad I never did. I’ve adapted to Chrome, never had heard of Edge (until you mentioned it), and I have no desire to learn some other Microsoft b.s. at ALL. Don’t they have enough trouble keeping their Windows versions straight? Augggh on your behalf! I’ll keep my eye peeled for further developments from you. Best of luck, huh?


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