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Sandman’s Q & A

It seems like the day to answer questions today. I’m not feeling tip top. I’m a bit… dizzy I guess. Like a bit of vertigo and I don’t know why. So it’s difficult to really concentrate on much of anything. So answering questions is just about all I can do right now without much effort. Anyway, I’ve answered questions from Sandman before, but here is their blog if you want the questions without answers and see the links to other people’s answers. So without further ado, here are Sandman’s Questions:

Do you have designated food nights? For example Sheldon Cooper has nights assigned to Thai Food and Pizza. I do not. I’ve tried to be organized like that before, but I’m way too impulsive for such things. I can’t even do things like Taco Tuesdays. It’s just not in me to plan that far ahead.

What colour are your eyes? Have you ever thought about changing their colour (i.e, contact lenses)? I have green eyes. I have considered colored contact lenses for costume purposes but not to actually change the color of my eyes. True green eyes aren’t common so I like having them.

If you were wearing a mood ring right now, what colour would it be (see image for colour guide)? Probably green (normal or average) or aqua (somewhat relaxed). I’m not stressed at the moment nor am I completely relaxed because I’m doing things.

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