Quick post.

So someone messaged me and asked me to type out the questions I’ve been posting because I’ve just been putting up screenshots of them. It didn’t occur to me that someone might not be able to copy and paste from the screenshot. Okay, it kind of occurred to me, which is why I’ve been typing the question in the captions, but that’s probably difficult to copy and paste on some platforms too. Sorry! So here are the questions thus far:

In your opinion, is it harder to exercise more or to eat healthier?
What funny or embarrassing story does your family often tell about you?
What is the most selfless thing someone has done for you?
What holiday did you enjoy as a child but do not celebrate today?
Does your heart rule your mind or vice versa?
What superstitions do you have regarding the kitchen?
Does a person have to be either a night owl or a morning person?

And there you go. Questions one through seven. I’ll type them out somewhere in the post from now on to make it easier to participate. Thanks Astrid for pointing out my oversight! Live and learn every day, right? ^_^

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