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QotD Oct 8

So we’ve passed the first week mark and we’re now into the second week. It’s difficult, y’all to establish a new habit, but I’m giving it my best shot. I used to write in my blog every day because it gave me something to do and it stimulated my mind. Back when I started, WordPress had a daily prompt, and I went with that to help me along. Then they started to regurgitate the prompts, then they went with a one word prompt. And suddenly the just pulled it altogether without so much as a by your leave. That was a while ago and I, myself, for other reasons, turned away from writing in my blog. Like weeks would go by. I have friends and family members who read my blog to keep up with what’s going on in my life and I would feel hella guilty. That’s the main reason for this challenge of mine, to get back into the whole writing in my blog every day. I suck royally at keeping in touch, so this is my ’round-about way of saying, “Hey, I’m still alive and I’m thinking of y’all!”

Anyway, on to my prompt for the day. The question for today is: Have you ever carried a one-sided friendship along? When did you stop watering that dead plant?

Have you ever carried a one-sided friendship along?
When did you stop watering that dead plant?

That dead plant of course referring to a friendship that gives nothing in return, and yeah I had a friendship like that at one time. It was a couple of decades ago, and kind of sad when it ended too. I mean, it didn’t start out one-sided. At least I don’t like to think so, but in the end, I was the only one giving into the friendship and my friend, we’ll call her Jenny, was just kind of… there. See, when we first met, we were both in our late twenties, I had just gone through a divorce and she was — I know now — desperately trying to conceive. I honestly thought at the time that she was just a horn-dog and I didn’t judge. But nope, she wanted kids in the worst way and was infertile. So she was hopping from relationship to relationship trying to the guy who could get her with child. Like whatever, dude, you do you. The only reason I bring this up is because it wasn’t until after she had gone through fertility treatment and had her kids that she changed. We’d been friends for about ten years by the time she’d found the right guy and gotten married. I was the matron of honor at her wedding. We were tight y’all. Best buds. I also want to point out that Jenny’s mom died right about the same time she found Mr. Right, so this could have been a factor. But she changed, y’all. Once Jenny had her kids (twins), she became the most self-centered, mercenary… person I’ve ever had the displeasure of being friends with. She really changed. She honestly was not the same woman I’d known and loved for nearly a decade.

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Jenny was a good actor, she put on a good mask and seemed to be the same person. And I had the wool over my eyes for quite a long time, but the signs were there, dear reader. They were there. It wasn’t until her kids were, I wanna say eighteen months? before I realized that nearly everything she did from the moment they were born was to put money in her bank account and screw over everyone else in her life. I don’t know where that mercenary streak came from, but it was deep. Looking back, Jenny had always been a little money-oriented, but after the kids were born, she was just down right greedy. When I walked away from our friendship, she’d been married to one of the sweetest guys I’d ever known for about two years at that point and she was in the process of throwing him under the bus. She once told me that she wanted to stay married to him for the requisite ten years (Navy) to get his pay, and that’s when I was like, Yeah… not good. Before I left, I let him know she was using him. I don’t know if their marriage survived, but he deserved to know. The breaking point, dear reader was this: My kid was babysitting for her and Jenny wrote a bad check for the babysitting, which put my bank balance in the negative. That’s when we had a major blow up, because Jenny knew I was living hand to mouth at that point. But she didn’t care. There’s much much more to this story, but let’s just say that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I couldn’t deal with her shenanigans anymore.

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There are a lot of things I can shrug off when it comes to friendship, y’all. But I don’t deal well with liars, especially when said liar is supposed to be my best friend. It’s sad when a friendship dissolves. But I wasn’t going to keep watering that dead plant as the question so succinctly put it. I never heard from Jenny after that. Her kids are probably in their twenties now. I wish her all the best, I honestly do. Hopefully, she realized that greed doesn’t get one very far and learned the error of her ways. And I guess that’s that. I’m gonna put in some funny cat pictures to lighten the mood. 🙂

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  1. I’ve only had ONE person ever do that kind of nasty thing to me as your “Jenny” did. The woman in question wasn’t my friend EVER, but she was involved with my best friend (who was a guy). She was a drug addict and tried to ‘borrow’ money off me on the basis of our ‘friendship’ after one dinner with her and my best friend and my husband. My husband met her at the door (it was 2:30 a.m.) and told her to get lost. She wouldn’t leave (must have been having a massive jones) and so he shoved $10 at her and said he was calling the cops if she didn’t get off our porch. The next day my best friend showed up, gave my husband back $10 and apologized. He said he didn’t know she’d started using again. I don’t think we ever got together again until he passed away either. Here’s my contribution to your prompt today. GREAT topic btw!!


    1. That sucks that she came between you and your bestie. Some people just don’t realize the damage they do with their thoughtless actions. My “Jenny” wasn’t using, just greedy. Ah well, it’s all in the past.


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