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QotD Oct 9 Kindness

I decided to add a bit of description to the title because, whenever someone pings these it gets confusing after a while. I used to be pretty good at titles, maybe I’ll get my title mojo back again. We’ll see. Coming up with a good, descriptive title is hard, y’all. Especially if you have to do it every day. Other bloggers will back me up on this. Anyway, here is today’s prompt — it’s not really a question, but what can you do? The thing says Simple Prompt Generator not Question Generator. So maybe I misnamed this challenge. Ha! Either way, the prompt says: Write about the kindness of strangers.

Write about the kindness of strangers

There’s a lot of bad in this world, y’all, especially right now. But there is also a lot of good. It makes me sad, sometimes when I hear my friends bemoan the state of the world and how horrible humanity is. I look my friends in the eye and say, “Are you a horrible person?” To which they reply they are not. And I ask, “Am I a horrible person?” and again they will say I am not. Almost everyone I know is not a horrible person. As a matter of fact of all the people I know, and I know quite a few, only two, maybe three, are horrible people. I’m not talking about friends. I’m talking about people I know. The problem is, that all of the stories, news, rumor, gossip, what goes “viral” on the internet — all of that focuses on the terrible and awful things. Because I think that people — even good people — want to see the world burn. Some because they want to rebuild it in their image, some because they want to save it, and some because they don’t like how the world is. And some want to see the world burn because they’re safe in the knowledge that it’s burning over there and not where they are, surrounded by good people (whether they admit it or not). I think it’s human nature. These are just my observations. I’m not a psychologist by any means. I’m just trying to make sense of it all in my own brain.

The world is full of kind people

But I’m here to talk about kindness, I bring up the awfulness because above all things, dear reader, I believe that there is balance in the world. And as Anne Frank said, “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” I believed that when I read her diary at a very young age, and I believe it now. Yes, before anyone brings it up, she was killed by the Nazis. I know that too. But even as her world was burning around her, there were people who were trying to help her and her family. There were still good people. And even as there are atrocities being committed here in the world today, there are good people who are outraged by them. And there are people who help. People who give, and share, and want to make things right — despite the odds. And I’m not talking about just the protesters. It was Mr. Rogers who said, “Look for the helpers.” The helpers are usually behind the scenes, they’re the ones who donate food and blankets. They take people in who’ve lost homes. They knit, crochet, or sew items for those who have lost everything. They’re the landlords who let the rent slide for one more month. They don’t make the news, or go viral on social media. But they’re out there, by millions, dear reader. By the millions. We just don’t hear about them. And those people are the ones who create balance in a chaotic world.

Mr. Rogers quote — also, don’t just look for helpers, be a helper.

The next time you or someone you know laments about how terrible the world is becoming. Look around you. Are you a terrible person? I’d say that your probably aren’t. But I don’t know everyone who’s reading this. I’m betting that the majority of you are not though. I would also posit that you are not actually surrounded by awful people either. If you actually are, I would suggest changing locations if possible. But if you’re not, then I would offer that the world isn’t as bad as people are saying it is. Perhaps you’re just watching it burn from afar? And if the world is indeed burning around you, what, dear reader, are you doing to stop it?

Hands, by Jewel. On of my favorite songs in times of need.

17 thoughts on “QotD Oct 9 Kindness

  1. I’ll never forget the man who stopped to help with a downed horse in the middle of a freeway, or the woman who sat with the kid for hours while he considered his options, or the cop who … there are many good people out there who take the time to do the thing that needs doing at that moment. Lots of them. I’ve met a few, and I hope I’ve returned the karma they demonstrated

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      1. I like to think that, too. And I always remember those who helped me with no obligation or expectation. Some of the things those people did saved a life. I hope my small efforts go some way to repaying them.

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  2. This is an amazing prompt! It’s the middle of the night now, so I am not sure I can respond to it right now, but I probably will on my blog later. The kindest thing anyone ever did for me was sit by me and comfort me when I was in a serious mental health crisis until the police could take me to be assessed by a psychiatrist.

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          1. Oh, that sucks that my blog isn’t responsive on your phone. I selected the theme just for accessibility with my screen reader and I mostly use my computer to blog on. I’m really sorry about this. Hope I’ll figure a way out to make my blog more responsive, but I know nothing about the tech side of blogging.


          2. It’s not just your blog. 🙂 I can’t respond directly to anyone’s blog. I have to go through the reader. And by the time you’d written your blog last night, I had already taken my evening meds which made me woozy and unable to function at full speed. ^_^ I’ll go to your blog now and leave a response.

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  3. This is a wonderful post full of hope. Seeing others in need and responding. That is so important. I love the quotes you have included, I came here via Cagedunn ‘s reblog and I am so glad I did .

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