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QotD Oct 12 — Returns

So here we are, dear reader. The twelfth day of October. It’s Columbus Day here in the United States. A controversial day where we celebrate the “discovering” of the the USA by Christopher Columbus. I’ve never really cared for this day one way or another. Like, if we had a day off from school or work, I treated it like any other day off from school or work, and if we didn’t, *shrug*. Half the time I don’t even realize it is Columbus Day unless someone points it out to me. But, since that’s the day it is, I figured I would point it out. Other than what I said above, I’m not going to talk about the controversy surrounding it. Y’all can google that if you want to. For right now, let’s move on to the prompt of the day, which is: What will make you return an item to the store?

What will make you return an item to the store?

I suppose I should amend that to What will make you return an item to the vendor? Because not everyone buys from brick and mortar stores. Or y’all can understand that I mean online stores too. ^_^ But on to answering the question. I don’t like returning things to the store. So if I make a mistake and buy the wrong thing, I’ll usually suck it up and keep the wrong thing. I will usually give it away if I have no use for it. I mean, why make the store pay for my mistake? I’ve always felt that way, even when I was poor as dirt. But if the store made a mistake, like if I ordered a pink xbox controller and they send me a blue electric toothbrush, well then I’m going to return that. Because a blue electric toothbrush isn’t what I ordered. However, if I ordered a pink xbox controller and they send me a blue one, I’m okay with that. Because the color of a thing isn’t that important to me really. Like, I ordered 2 yards of grey fabric online and got white. Whatever. I didn’t return it. Because fabric is fabric, and it’s not like I can’t get the grey later. So if I order something in one color and get another, eh, I’m good. So long as it works. Now, if I order something and they send me the wrong size… I might have to return that. Because what am I gonna do with the wrong sized clothes? That’s what makes ordering clothing and shoes online kind of a crapshoot. You never know what you’re gonna get. ^_^

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The only thing that will guarantee me sending it back to the store is if I order something, or buy it from the store and bring it home and it doesn’t work. Because I need things that work. I’m way too old to be fussing with stuff to get them to work. Kind of. I guess I will try to fix some things to make them work. Like if I buy a shirt and it has a ripped seam, I can totally fix a ripped seam. And if we buy a bookcase and there’s a missing part, like I’ve got tons of parts. And I’m not above improvising when it comes to putting furniture together. And duct tape fixes a lot of things. ^_^ Not electronics though. Those need to work. I will totally send broken electronics back without any questions. And it kind of depends on whether or not the thing is completely broken… or how expensive it is. Like the speaker connection in my new computer is kind of funky, but everything else works, so I’m not gonna bother with returning it. Okay, returning broken things is not guaranteed. ^_^ I mean, if I buy some cheap thingamabob to fix a more expensive problem to avoid dropping a fortune on a big fix and the cheap thing doesn’t work… eh, you get what you pay for. Ha! I’m not gonna bother returning the broken doohickey.

drawing of a damaged cardboard box with the caption "handle with care"
Handle with care…

When it comes down to it, dear reader, I hate hassle. The deciding factor is whether or not returning a thing is worth the hassle to me. I’m not driven by money so it doesn’t even matter whether I’ll get my money back at all. It’s all about who I’ll have to deal with and how many people I’ll need to go through. Going back to a brick and mortar store, unless I have another reason to go back to the store, is just downright annoying to me. So I usually don’t. And when it comes to mailing something back… well that’s just… ugh… Like, what kind of packaging I’ll need to put my return in — does it need to go back in the original packaging? Because I very rarely keep the original packaging. Do I need to mail it back to the vendor? How heavy is it? USPS, FedEx or UPS? and, more importantly, if I have to ship it, who is paying for it? Better not be me. It’s all just such a hassle. I rarely bother with it.

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