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Truthful Tuesday Oct 13

So, it’s Tuesday and that means Truthful Tuesday, and in the spirit of writing more in my blog, I’ll play as often as I can. So here is this week’s question:

What New Year’s traditions, if any, do you observe, and will the current state of things have any bearing on those traditions for this coming year?

I guess New Year’s is one of those holidays that I used to celebrate way more thoroughly when I was younger than I do now. Like, in my early twenties I had a whole slew of traditions I followed from making and eating black-eyed peas to opening the doors at midnight and sweeping the bad luck out of my door. The thing is, dear reader, that I realized that the New Year’s we celebrate is kind of arbitrary, not completely, but somewhat. Here’s a history of why we here in the west celebrate it in January rather than say, on the winter solstice, which seems much more reasonable to me. Most people here in the USA that I’ve talked to don’t realize why they celebrate it on Jan 1, they just kind of do, because that’s how it’s always been done. Me? I like to know why I’m doing something. So when I looked up the reason behind a lot of the traditions I used to have, I was all… yeah, not so much. I’m not pagan anymore so celebrating a Roman holiday seems a little weird to me. But whatever. I guess it’s okay to celebrate surviving another year around the sun, and why now do it when everyone else is?

Image of the ancient roman god Janus. A two headed got with one face in the back and one in the front, both looking outwards.
The ancient Roman god Janus. Image via tablesbeyondbelief.

But back to the question. I don’t really have any traditions per se but either Doug or I will wander into whatever room the other one is in (we’re rarely in the same room as our computers are set up in different rooms) some time around midnight and we’ll say, “Happy New Year” to each other and give each other a little kiss. It’s about the only thing we go on New Year’s Eve. I try to have a clean house because one should start the year with a clean house — As you start the year so the year will play out. As the saying goes. I wonder if that’s why everything keeps breaking right now? We started the year in a hotel room and there some broken things in the hotel room. Maybe. 🙂 The current state of things will not really change how we celebrate the New Year because we don’t generally go anywhere for New Year so…

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  1. Very interesting. I never gave it much thought either, save to think it occurred because it was the change over from the old calendar (year) to a new one. Which could raise all sorts of discussion about how people perceive time and so forth…

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