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QotD Oct 14 — Touching Food

Today’s question is about food habits. I’m not that picky about my food, but I know people who are, which is why this was one of my questions way back when I asked lists of questions on my old blog, and why this made the list of questions for this prompt generator. The question is: Does your food have to be separated on your plate, or is it okay for your food to touch?

Does your food have to be separated on your plate, or is it okay for your food to touch?

For the most part, I’m okay with my food touching. Hell, I’m one of those weirdos that will mix the food on my plate together sometimes just to see what it tastes like. It works out better in some cases than others. ^_^ But experimenting is what leads to discovery, right? Just slop that on top of this and see what happens. Ha! I remember when I was living with these particular roommates, who shall remain nameless, but man were they picky about their food. Anyway we’d just finished dinner and I brought some dessert from the fridge. It was a rather tart and tasty dessert and I asked my roommates if they wanted any. We’d just had some kind of saucy dinner and the first roommate totally looked down her nose at me and was all, “No, I still have the taste of dinner in my mouth.” in the most condescending way.

I was all, “What? What does that even mean?” I mean she was drinking coffee, how could she still have the “taste of dinner” in her mouth. So I asked the other roommate if he wanted some, and he literally echoed the first roommate about having “the taste of dinner” in his mouth. I was like, “Whatever. More for me.” and they went on this ramble about Americans and our poor taste — their favorite subject. Don’t worry y’all, I gave as good as I got. I mean, the only place either of them had been to in the USA was a podunk town in Mississippi and they were judging all of the United States and its population based on the people they met there. Like, whatever.

Snobs. I guess it made them feel better. It annoys me though, when someone judges an entire population of people based on one or two people they’ve met. It’s just so… so… illogical.

Picture with a cup of cocoa and two cookies with the words "Life is short, eat dessert first."
Life is short, eat dessert first.

But I digress. We’re talking about food. I’ve never heard of not eating dessert because someone had the “taste of dinner” in their mouth thing before or since. I always thought that’s what dessert was for, to get the taste of dinner out of your mouth. But what do I know? I’m the weirdo that likes fruitcake and minced meat pie. ^_^

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