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QotD Oct 15 – Sandcastles and mud pies

Today’s prompt is pretty direct, and it’s one of those yes or no questions where I ask people to use common sense. If the answer is yes, then one should also reminisce on when and where this happened, and if they remember it fondly or not. If the answer is no then ponder why the answer did you answer in the negative, and what did you do aside from these things? That’s how these prompts are supposed to work. To say snarkily, “No, next question.” defeats the purpose of a prompt generator. Just saying. Anyway, on to the prompt itself which is: Did you ever build castles in the sand or make mud pies?

Did you ever build castles in the sand or make mud pies?

I wouldn’t call the piles of dirt I built in the sand “castles” but I tried, dear reader, I tried. My siblings and I went to the beach up in Oregon to visit my grandma and we tried to build sandcastles there. We didn’t get much farther than big piles of sand with huge pits dug around them — because every castle has to have a moat, right? But it was fun. Of course, we had no idea what we were doing but that’s okay because we were kids and that’s how kids learn, by trial and error. As an adult, I’d “help” my kids build sandcastles in Virginia and Florida when we were stationed there. Those attempts also mostly turned out to be big piles of sand, but they resembled “castles” more than my childhood attempts ever did. My kids lost interest pretty quickly so theirs were never finished. I envy those who can create beautiful things out of sand. We used to go to the sand sculpture contest in Virginia Beach every year at the Neptune Festival that we lived there. The sculptures were amazing, dear reader. Amazing, because they’re made from sand. I used to have some pictures of some, but they’re long since gone. I’ll have to link you to the website so you can see some.

I can’t recall ever making mud pies or any food like substances from dirt. I’ve made a cake for someone’s birthday that was supposed to look like mud pies, with gummy worms and everything. But there wasn’t any mud in it. It just looked dirty and muddy. I was pretty proud of it, actually. I had a brief “cake decorating” thing when the kids were young. I made cakes that looked like hamburgers, pizza, the aforementioned mud pie, and so on. It was fun. Now that they’re grown and gone, I have no one to decorate cakes for so yeah… the last cake I made any attempt to decorate was my wedding cake, and it came out okay. But I digress (It happens). Back to mud pies. I’ve also made both brownies and cupcakes with the nomenclature Mississippi mud pies, but I’m absolutely sure those are not what the question is asking about. I’ve had some potent potables that are called mud pies but again, not the same thing. ^_^ There are mud pies (chocolate) out there, but I’ve never made one. I’ve probably eaten one, but never made one.

And that’s it. I’ve built hills of sand and called them sandcastles and I’ve never made pies of mud but I’ve made confections called mud pies. ^_^. Mine has been an interesting life. Ha!

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