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QotD Oct 17 Small World

Today’s post might be all over the place today, dear reader. I’m a bit tired. Cocoa woke me up to let him out in the early hours and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. The little stinker. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m always all over the place, but it might be moreso. So, let’s get on to it. Here’s today’s prompt: When did you realize that it is a small world after all?

When did you realize that it is a small world after all?

So this is a personal anecdote, but it really brought the “smallness” of the world down on me. Kind of. I’ll get into it later. When I was in my early twenties, I lived in Washington with my first husband and kids. We lived in a small house that was about ten miles from a town in any direction. The nearest store was a little general store three miles down the road and it was in the middle of nowhere too. Like, not even on a major highway — just a little two lane road in front. You kind of had to know it was there or happen on it going from one town to the other. I can’t remember if it had gas pumps or not. This was in the late 1980’s

So anyway, I’m in this little general store getting milk for breakfast or something, and this total stranger walked up to me and called me by my twin sister’s name. Now, I’m used to being called by my sister’s name, but… she didn’t live in Washington. So far as I know, she’d never lived in Washington at that time. She lived in Mississippi. So I had no idea why someone would be calling me by her name. Anyway, this guy came up to me and said, “Dude! what are you doing here?” I informed him that I was not my sister, but her twin. He, of course, didn’t believe me. It’s strange how often that happens. It didn’t help that she didn’t tell him that she had a twin. I showed him my driver’s license to prove I was not her. He, of course, flipped out. I mean, what were the odds? Mississippi is well over two thousand five hundred miles (over 4000 kilometers) away from Washington.

It’s a long way is what I’m saying…

Don’t get me wrong, dear reader, I knew how bit the United States was before then. I’d driven across it at least twice by then. From California to Florida and from Florida to Washington. And I’d driven up and down the East Coast several times for various reasons. But this was probably the first time that a non-Navy person just randomly ran into me. I mean, it was par for the course to run into Navy people all over the place because that’s what the Navy does. This dude though, he was just on vacation and happened to wander into a tiny general store in the middle of nowhere and run into me. That was just kind of awesome to me because it did change my whole mindset about how small the world really is.

Yeah, I know that it’s easy to move around the USA because there’s no need for passports and such. But there are tons of people here who never leave their home town, let alone their home state. I’m an anomaly in that I’ve been to — visited — most of the contiguous states in the US. And I have actually lived in eight. I just happened to have itchy feet and a need to see what’s there beyond the horizon. Note, dear reader that I visited/lived in most of these places after I divorced my Navy husband, so it was also after my encounter with the young man in the general store. And that’s all I can muster up right now. My brain is fried. I know I said I’d touch on something later… I think it was something to do with the advent of the internet bringing people from around the world into my home that really brought the smallness of the world to me. But, yeah, too tired. Maybe another time.

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  1. Since I’m not widely traveled.. only been to a few States and Canada, and I think I’m done now; the world has never been all that small. But it is strange to me that if one goes to a fairly distant local from where one might live, one will almost always run into someone from ‘back home.’ Well it happens to me and mine often enough. I don’t go anywhere now of course. And for a long time people I knew when I was a teenager would spot me in a line or at the store or somewhere and recognize me instantly. At 40 I wasn’t pleased all that much to think I looked exactly the same as I did when I was 20. Others said it was a compliment because I didn’t age. Now I look way older than my actual age. I don’t know that anyone would recognize me ‘from the old days’ except apparently I look a great deal like my mother.

    But my take on the prompt was a bit different:


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