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Sharing My World Oct 19

So, it’s Monday, dear reader, and that means it’s time for Melanie’s Share Your World. Join me again as I answer her questions. Go on over to her blog to see the questions without answers, in case you want to participate and to see the links to other people’s answers. I’m feeling a little blah today — I’m pretty sure I’m having a fibro flare — so I won’t be a verbose as usual, but I’ll give it my best.

The first question is courtesy of the magnificent blogger, Rory (aka A Guy Called Bloke”). “How many people in real life or on social media (including WordPress, which has become a rather social media site) do you consider good enough friends to help you ‘hide the dead body?” Without naming names — plausible deniability doncha know — I would say… two. I know I said in my post on “best friends” that I didn’t have any best friends, but the definition of a best friend is someone with whom you will spend your extra time. A best friend (by the definition I used) is the person you go out to let off steam and escape the cold, cruel world, and the person whom you indulge your secrets to. Right now, there isn’t anyone in my life that I can do any of those things. So while I don’t have any in-person best friends, there are a couple of people I know whom I can call and say, “Um, yeah, dead body, what do I do with it?” and they’ll be there for me. ^_^ Having said all of that, I’ve watched enough “real crime shows to know not to get anyone else involved in these kind of nefarious doings. Ha!

A picture of a dark, wooded area with the words "A walk in the woods is relaxing and relieves tension. The fact that I'm dragging a body is should be irrelevant."
Totally irrelevant.

Are You Ready To Order? What Are You Having (craving) right now? I just had an interesting meal that came with my smart oven. And yes, it was my breakfast. I hardly ever eat “traditional” breakfast foods unless I am eating in a restaurant. Anyway, it was Chorizo and White Bean Stew with corn bread. Both cooked in the oven at the same time. Which is why I like that oven, everything cooks at once, and it’s way easy. I had coffee as a drink.

How’s the weather in YOUR neck of the woods? It’s getting cooler now. We have our thermostat set for 72 degrees and the heater will kick on at least once a day. I realized that I don’t really have any winter clothing. I didn’t have any in Washington either. Probably because I never went anywhere. But my computer is right next to the windows and it gets chilly over here. I wear my hoodie some days. It’s nice and sunny out but it’s cool. Not cold, cool. Looks like it’s supposed to warm up today though.

weather forecast for Albuquerque, NM for Oct 19-26 2020
weather forecast for Albuquerque

Lastly, one deep question, because some folks enjoy those. Prepare yourself. Or pass. It’s all good!

There has always been something. Before there was something, there was only nothing. Which do you think is more likely? Yeah, I have trouble believing that they know what happened “before there was something”. It’s all conjecture really. Sure, they can mathematically “prove” it, but the science changes whenever there is new information. As it should. I’m as Agnostic about this as I am about religion. Unless I can go back and see the birth of the universe, I’m just gonna remain that way.

Attitude of Gratitude:

What is your favorite time of year? Why? I’m partial to Autumn. I don’t know why. I just am. Maybe because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. And I’m more of a “warm” colors of fall person than I am the “cool” colors of spring.

Picture of cups of coffee with foam and small pumpkins.
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  1. Thanks C.F. for Sharing Your World! I loved the images you shared and that whole ‘relaxing walk in the woods’ one made me laugh aloud. Which garnered me a suspicious look from Ziggy Dog and his hasty departure into where-ever he goes when he thinks I’ve totally lost the plot. Hehehhe. I am surprised at the temperatures in your area. I mistakenly thought that New Mexico (like Arizona) equaled ‘all hot, all the time’ weather…we live and we learn and you get to play teacher, aren’t you lucky? Thanks!

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