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QotD Oct 20 Dependable

Today’s prompt is once again pretty direct and easy to answer. I’m still kind of in a fibro flare so I’ll be short and sweet in answering it myself. The prompt is: Who is the most dependable person you know?

Who is the most dependable person you know?

Note, dear reader, that the question is not asking “Who is the most dependable person in your life?” it’s asking “Who is the most dependable person you know?” There’s a difference. Just because you know a person, does not mean they are a part of your every day life. For example, you might know of someone who is very dependable — salt of the Earth, someone all of your friends speak highly of, a pillar of the community and all of that. But that person is not a part of your circle. You can talk of them. In my case, the most dependable person I know is someone who is close to me, but I did want to point out the difference, because I’m just weird like that.

So my husband, Doug, is pretty rock solid. He’s one of those, “slow and steady wins the race” type of people and I love that about him, since it balances out my impulsivity. He also tends to have routines which, again, balances out my impulsive nature. It’s because of him that I feel for the first time in my life that I have a stability. I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d be without him. And, that’s about it. I know, not that exciting. Like I said, fibro flare. Tired and in pain. Hopefully I’ll be more “talkative” tomorrow. ^_^

He’s a little silly too.

6 thoughts on “QotD Oct 20 Dependable

    1. I think most people would think of their immediate friends and family, but I just wanted to point out that it could be the cashier at the grocery store who’s there rain or shine and greets one with a smile. That’s also a kind of dependability. Or that one teacher who is very loyal to their job and students. That kind of thing is also a valid answer.


  1. Probably the postie. Same bloke for 14 years, same time every week day (except that now it’s three days a week). Always a smile and a wave and a word or two if there’s a parcel.
    Next time, I’ll ask him his name.

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    1. That’s pretty awesome. I usually say thanks to our postman if I see him. He doesn’t stop to chat or wave but we’ve just moved here so I don’t know if he’s the regular dude or not. We get a different guy on the weekend.

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  2. You get mail on weekends? Wow. We’re currently on three delivery days a week (Covid excuse, they better not do it permanent).
    I like posties. They put up with a lot and work rain, hail, shine or roast (roast is common here in summer).


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