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QotD Oct 22 — No Tourists!

Today’s prompt asks about where we live and where we vacation. Because some people seem to conflate the two and I’ve always found that kind of weird. Like, why would someone want to go into a residential neighborhood and bother the people who live there just because something happened there? or because someone famous once lived there? Leave people alone. Here in Albuquerque, they filmed the series Breaking Bad, which I’ve never seen by the way, and people live in the house it was filmed in. They had to put a fence around it to keep the flipping tourists out because idiots keep throwing pizza on their roof. Apparently that’s something that happened in the series. It boggles the mind. There are places for vacationers — tourist traps where they can buy souvenirs and not bother private residences. Go there. But that’s my personal opinion. /rant Today’s question deals with personal opinion and experience. It asks: Where is a good place to live, but you would not want to vacation there?

Where is a good place to live, but you would not want to vacation there?

For me, and of course this is just my personal experience and opinion, I kind of liked living in Starkville, Mississippi. Not everyone is cut out for the small town life, but I enjoyed it. I liked the academic life too. I think, though, that I wouldn’t have liked it as much had I not been a part of the university, but we’ll never know. The four or so years that I lived there were some of the best in my life, and I loved the laid back nature of the place. Could be the friends I made there that made it bearable, I dunno. Probably. But I also liked the weather, the overall feel of the place and how desperately they were trying to come into the modern age. Yeah, I called it Starkhell, MS, but that’s just the way I am. Overall, it was a quaint town with a nice university and I liked it. I would never recommend someone take a vacation there though, because there is flat out nothing to do, especially for tourist type people. When I lived there, we totally drove two hours in any direction just to go shopping or to do anything. I mean, they have restaurants and the university put on a good show now and then — I saw more culture during the time I lived there than in any time in my life — and hanging with friends is where it’s at, but in terms of touristy things… nope. I mean, unless you’re planning on attending the university, then I guess take a trip there. It’s not really a vacation then though, is it? Is it? I dunno. People’s definitions vary I suppose.

Picture of Mississippi State University
It’s the only picture I really have of MSU

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