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QotD Oct 24 — Gray areas

Before I answer today’s question, I just want to say that I know I haven’t been answering other people’s prompts this week. Like I said before, I’m going through something of a fibro flare, and I just don’t have a lot of energy. Plus I’ve been having some technical difficulties which I’ve been spending what strength I do have trying to fix. The flare will pass, as they always do, and I’ll get back to answering other people’s prompts. If it makes y’all feel better, I have a pile of laundry that’s been shouting for my attention too, and the dust bunnies are growing to gigantic proportions. Ha!

Anyway, on to the prompt, which deals with legalities and making money. The question is: What slightly illegal thing have you done to make money?

What slightly illegal thing have you done to make money?

So, this is a question where people will definitely have to use common sense. No one is asking for deep darks here. Nor is the question asking anyone to confess to anything that will get them into trouble. But, like if you’re in your fifties and shoplifted when you were a teenager, the statute of limitations has long since passed (I’m pretty sure… I’m not a lawyer) and I’ll bet it’s okay to write about it. Also, if you, dear reader, have never done anything illegal to make money, say so. Some people never have.

I spent most of my adult life poor. Living hand to mouth and I’ll admit that I’ve done a few things that were on the shady side of legal to pay the bills. I mean, I try to stay on the sunny side of legal, but… desperate times call for desperate measures. I won’t go into details because I am paranoid like that, but in the end, no individuals were hurt with my gray area shenanigans. I felt incredibly guilty at the time, but rationalized with the thought that I had kids to feed and needed to put a roof over their head. I’d already explored all avenues of help with government and family and fell through the cracks on all levels. I made too much for most government programs but too little to actually pay my bills fully. I was already working three jobs and getting as little as four hours of sleep a night some nights. With my bipolar, it wasn’t an ideal situation. When certain people in my life approached me with these shady side of legal solutions at different times of my life, I considered the options and consequences should I get caught — wouldn’t do my kids any good if I was in jail — and took them. Needless to say, I didn’t get caught.

Picture of a cat sitting on some cement stairs. Stairs have a sign that reads "Please do not sit on stairs" Picture has a caption "Fuck tha police." (misspellings intentional)
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I mean I didn’t jump a every opportunity to make money under the table. For example, one dude asked me to drive a car from Virginia Beach to Richmond Virginia for about three thousand dollars, which was a lot of money at the time. All I had to do was drive the car, and he would drive behind me and then bring me home. No questions asked. Easy right? The caveat was, if a cop pulled me over, he didn’t know me. I was like, “Do I look stupid to you?” Like, who knows what was up with that car? It could have been stolen, or full of drugs, or even have a dead body in it. I wasn’t having any part of that mess. The kicker? That dude said he was a skip trace. Like he’s supposed to be catching criminals, not being shady like that. We didn’t stay friends for much longer after he tried to set me up like that.

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I’m not proud of anything I did, but I don’t feel overly guilty either. I mean, a little guilty but… Like I said, no individuals where harmed (that I know of) and it was a long time ago. Eventually, I got higher paying jobs and it was easier. My kids moved out one by one so that made it easier too. Not that I blame them at all, kids are kids and it’s our job to feed, clothe, and shelter them. It’s been a long time — decades even — since I’ve done anything that would be considered illegal, so there’s that.

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Sorry for all the lolcats, it was all I could think of. 🙂

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