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QotD — Influence

Holy wow, y’all! 25 days! Only a few more until the end of October. I may or may not keep going at the end of the month. I might go with another part of the prompt generator I’m working on. It’s a process y’all. 🙂 My brain isn’t working so great lately. Still doing the fibro fog thing. Anyway, on to today’s question, which is: Who or what has been a been a big influence in your life?

Who or what has been a big influence in your life?

The biggest influence in my life was the books I read as a kid. I learned to read fairly early in life, so I was reading books before I guess I should have. And the stuff I read in the books was so disparate to what was going on in my life that I knew my life parents weren’t normal. Like, as an adult, I know that books are an idealized version of real life, but as a kid… well, as a kid I really wanted something that wasn’t what I was living. Reading was my escape as a kid. I read vicariously. Like, I loved my local library.

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I learned manners from books, what basic decency was. That and doing the exact opposite of what my mom did. So I guess you can say that my mom was also a big influence on me too. As I grew up, I wanted to be anything but her. So whatever she did, I did the exact opposite. Kind of. I mean, both my mom and I are good cooks. But for example, she never got help for her mental illness, denied anything was wrong with her when something clearly was. And while it took ma a long time to get help, I did… eventually. My mom put herself before everyone. She didn’t want kids. She had kids because that’s what society expected her to do, so her kids were her last priority. I really tried to put my kids first and a lot of my decisions — good and bad — were based around my kids’ wellbeing. And nothing was ever my mom’s fault. It’s always someone else’s. Always. It took a minute for me to break out of that mindset when I realized I was doing the same thing as a teenager — but I did. My mom also believed that her life wasn’t complete without a man in her life and I really didn’t want to be that way either. Like, I love my husband, he’s one of the best things that has walked into my life, and I’m glad he’s a part of my every day life. I’d be sad if he wasn’t around, but he’s not necessary for my happiness. I don’t want to sound superior or “better” than my mom, because I don’t think I am, but I just saw how miserable she was and didn’t want to be that way. I mean, she was a bitter person even when surrounded by friends and family, all she ever did was complain. Maybe she was happy in her bitterness, I dunno, but I didn’t want to be her, so I did the opposite. Though for a long time, I was pretty negative myself. So there you go. I try not to be, but sometimes it’s hard to roll away from the tree that gave you fruit. You know?

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Anyway, my brain has signed off and it’s only 10 AM. I don’t think it’s gonna get any better from here. The succinct answer to the question is books and my mom. I wanted my life to be more like those in the books I read and less like my mom’s. Sorry for the ramble. I’m really tired.

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