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QotD Oct 26 Hugging Trees

Today’s post concerns tree-huggers, and I am going to post a definition for those who do not know what a tree-hugger is. For the sake of convenience, I’ll go with Google’s definition: Tree-hugger: noun informal • derogatory an environmental campaigner (used in reference to the practice of embracing a tree in an attempt to prevent it from being felled). The question itself is: What do you think of tree-huggers?

What do you think of tree-huggers?

Though I suppose a better question would be: What is your opinion of tree-huggers? And the use of the derogatory term is purposeful here. Because there is a difference between someone who cares about the environment and someone who is militant about it. Just as there is a difference between someone who does not eat meat and someone who shoves that belief down everyone’s throat — even other vegetarians/vegans. Tree-huggers at best are virtue signalers. “Look at me, look what I did to save the trees!” and post it on every social app available. At worst, they put the environment ahead of everything else. In other words, the natural world comes before even human lives because in their mind, we are separate from Nature and we (humans) are destroying nature. And they, the activists are going to save the world from us because they are somehow better than the rest of us? I dunno. I’m not a tree-hugger.

This is SATIRE. Not to be taken seriously,

Honestly, y’all. I leave most fanatics alone until they bug me. I can’t deal with them and their mindset. And fanatics are everywhere. But it’s really difficult to change their mind because they are fanatic. Tree-huggers are just another sect of fanatics that I chose not to deal with. I had a friend in college who was a tree-hugger. She was so passionate about saving the world. And every month or so, it was a new campaign. It was exhausting to watch, really. She was constantly trying to get me involved in one cause or another and she threw up her hands one day and said, “Willow! How can you not care about this?!?” I was all, “How can you care so much about everything?!” My mind just doesn’t work that way. Like, I care, but I’m not passionate about it. Therein lies the difference, dear reader. Tree-huggers are so passionate that I think they lose sight of the goal. Their heart is in the right place, but they go about it all wrong. My opinion anyway. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to save the environment, but I think that some people just… lose their way. Again, my opinion.

Picture of man from India in forest he planted. link to article in caption.
This is the right way he planted a whole forest. Jadav Payeng Photo: Instagram/forplantpeople Linked article

2 thoughts on “QotD Oct 26 Hugging Trees

  1. Any extremists in any group give that group a bad name, IMHO. I’m a tree hugger, I identify with the label; BUT I’d never dream of forcing someone else to believe the same way. I won’t be out ‘there’ screeching at people and throwing myself in front of the bulldozers as some idiotic and short sighted developer rapes yet another green space. But I’ll certainly give them dirty looks and a piece of my mind, should they be foolish enough to ask for it. I have a mostly worn out now T-shirt that had the slogan “Nurture Nature” and I truly believe in doing that. I liked your take on the prompt too, though.


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