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Sharing My World at the End of Oct

It’s Monday y’all and that means Melanie’s Share Your World. Go on over to her blog to see the questions without answers (in case you want to participate) and see the links to other people’s answers. Without further ado, here are this week’s questions:

What’s the tallest building you’ve been to the top of? Hmmm, I don’t really keep track of these things, to tell y’all the truth. I mean, most of the places I’ve lived have kept a low profile because of things like earthquakes and such. I think the tallest building in Seattle is 76 stories, and that’s not very high when it comes to world topping records. I have not been to the top of that building. I did work in a building what was about thirty stories. I don’t remember if I ever when to the top of that one though. I mean, as a general rule, I don’t go to the tops of buildings because there usually isn’t much up there other than the top of the building. I guess observation decks? I dunno. I may or may not have gone up to the top of a tall building at one point in my life, but if I did, it didn’t leave much of an impression on me.

Picture from Atlanta, GA. Hotel room in from Dragon-Con

What do you do to keep fit? Pardon me while I laugh hysterically.

cartoon of a bear laughing
Me, laughing hysterically. Ha!

I used to be in better shape (and I ain’t talking “round”) before my health got up and went on me. Walking was my exercise of choice. It’s easy to do and I could listen to music while I did it. I would walk for miles and I loved doing it. I might just try it again some day if my lungs will let me and the pandemic lets us go amongst people again. Because one of the things I cannot do, because my brain doesn’t work that way is walk for the sake of walking. I have to have a goal. Meaning I’ve got to walk to somewhere. I read in a book where someone walked a certain distance just to make a mark on a tree and walked back. They did that every day for years. Anyway, I am in no way, shape or form fit these days.

picture of a jack-o-lantern with a witch's hat on it.
Photo by Gabby K on

What’s your jack-o-lantern carved to look like? I was just talking to Doug about this the other day. I used to do the jack-o-lantern thing when I had the kids because it was a thing to do with them and they enjoyed making them. I mean I enjoyed it too, and having roasted pumpkin seeds was kinda fun. But these days… I don’t. Mostly because I don’t want the hassle of dealing with the rotting pumpkin(s) at the end of it. I mean, I know, I know, just toss it in the trash, but… nah, I’d rather not deal with it at all. Plus there seems to be this weird competition of who has the best pumpkin, and I don’t have the mindspace for that. That and having rotting pumpkin sitting on one’s porch just draws pests, like bugs, rodents, rowdy drunks who like to kick them in the street and the like. And I’d rather not deal with them either. I think if I were to do anything like that again, it would be a plastic jack-o-lantern with a battery operated light or something like that. Something that I can re-use year after year. Like our Christmas tree. When I did do jack-o-lanterns though, it was just basic face. I never got fancy because it was before the days of carving kits and I’m not that handy with a knife when it comes to carving things.

Do you have hope or have you lost it? I’ve never lost hope. I don’t think I ever will. Because despite everything, I know there are good people in the world. And that always gives me hope. Even if there’s only one good person in the world, there is hope. I mean, I know that I’m a relatively good person, and so are most of my friends, so why would I give up? There’s so much to hope for. As the saying goes:

The world is full of nice people. If you cannot find one, be one.
The world is filled with kind people. If you cannot find one, be one.

And that’s all of the energy I have for today. It’s snowing here in Albuquerque right now. Yep. Snow in October. That’s the weirdness that is today. Last night I had a dream that made me so angry I woke up mad at 3 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep for a little while. I finally got back to sleep and had another strange dream about cooking with wine “If it’s not made with wine, it’s not made with love.” is the line I woke up with this morning. And that’s weird because I don’t cook at all right now and I definitely don’t cook with wine. But what’s strange about that dream is I had this peculiar song in my head for most of the morning that I couldn’t shake that had to do with wine, cooking, and love. I’ve forgotten it (thank goodness) but it didn’t help the headache I woke up with. I guess my gratefulness for right now is that my headache is gone and I don’t have that song in my head. Ha! Have fun y’all.

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  1. Thanks Willow for Sharing Your World! That photo you shared is from a reasonable enough height (to me anyway, who has vertigo and doesn’t go up high if I can avoid it). Your idea about the jack-o-lantern is perfect. I have two sets of them, they’re both ceramic and therefore they get trotted out each year. No rotten pumpkins nor unwarranted mess for me to clean up! I just need to find a strong enough light to put inside, the tea lights I have are too dim and don’t glow bright enough to breech the ceramic shell. I do have a totally black jack-o-lantern, battery operated, with a night light bulb inside. It glows orange. That’s enough ‘pumpkins’ for me! Snow in Albuquerque? O_o I have always labored under the illusion that Albuquerque was hot, so goes to show what I know! And that snow just fits this year in general, doesn’t it? Things out of sync. Have a great week!

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    1. Well, Albuquerque is in the desert, so it’s hot most of the time, so your thoughts about it are reasonable. But we’re also pretty high up in elevation so we do get the four seasons as they come and go. Snow does happen, but it’s usually not in October. ^_^


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