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QotD Oct27 Itchy Palms

Today’s question regards a particular superstition. I actually meant to weed these questions out of the list and make a separate category regarding superstitions on the prompt page I’m still building, but haven’t decided if that’s a good idea or not. I mean, there are tons of superstitions around the world and not everyone is familiar with even the ones from their own country. What do you think, dear reader? Should I integrate them in as random questions like this, or separate them into their own “Superstitions” category? Either way, my challenge was to answer whatever question came up for the day and this is the one that came up today. Today’s question is: Your palm itches for no apparent reason. Does this mean anything to you?

Your palm itches for no apparent reason. Does this mean anything to you?

The question doesn’t distinguish between the right hand or the left hand, so I suppose it could be either or both. This depends on where you, dear reader, are in the world, I guess. And for those who don’t know what I’m going on about, the question refers to a superstition that states: if your palm itches for no apparent reason, money is coming your way. That is what I learned as a kid, and whoever told me this didn’t specify the amount of money that was coming my way, but only that “money” was coming my way. I guess it depends on the intensity of the itch, I dunno. Also that type of vagueness is how these things work. I mean any amount of money from a penny to a fortune and the superstition works, right? And I was specifically taught that it didn’t matter which palm itched. If there was itching goin’ on, money was on its way to me. So that’s what I believed for the longest time. However, I later learned that people in other parts of the world who have this superstition believe that if the right palm itches then money is coming in (because right is good, yes?), and if the left palm itches then money is going out (because left is sinister, no?). But what happens, dear reader, if both palms itch for no readily explainable reason? Do they cancel each other out?

Semi-related picture… because I’m tired and in pain. Photo by Thiago Matos on

Anyway, I never really paid attention to the money that came in and out of my life and its correlation to the random itchiness of my palms, so I cannot tell you if the superstition is true or not. I mean, I have never been showered in riches whenever my palms crawled, so I can tell you that it’s not a sudden influx of monies. That’s for sure. And that’s the difficulty with these kinds of “money is coming your way.” I mean it could take minutes, hours, days or even weeks! And who’s gonna be all: Oh hey a fifty on the ground. Oh yeah, my hands were itching a week ago! Here’s the money!? Not me, that’s who. My mind doesn’t make those kinds of connections. It’s more like, Oh, neat, a free fifty for me! Itchy hands? Never heard of ’em. Ha! Interestingly, the dictionary defines “itchy palms” as someone being greedy. As in “This person has itchy palms, he’s always looking for more money.”

And with that, I’m gonna go sit on a heating pad for about an hour or so because my back is twitching like crazy. I mentioned before that I’m going through a fibro flare and the sudden change in weather did not help at all. We went from eighty degrees to snow, y’all. It looks pretty and all, but boy does my body hate it when the weather does this sudden about face. I don’t think that my cosmos flowers are gonna survive the cold. Ah well, they were pretty while they lasted. I hope they had time to go to seed before the snows hit. I’ll leave y’all with a couple of pictures. Don’t worry about the sad looking flowers, they’ll be back next year. Because that’s how these things go. 🙂

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