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QotD Oct 31 — Pampered Pets

Happy Halloween for those who celebrate! Sorry for the late post. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one. I don’t deal with head pain very well so I’ve been very slow in moving around today. Today’s post it gonna be short, probably. I haven’t written it yet. ^_^ The prompt has nothing to do with Halloween, but that happens when one has random prompts. 🙂 The question for today is: What are your views about people who pamper their pets?

What are your views about people who pamper their pets?

That’s thin ice right there, but I’ll venture out on to it. I mean there’s nothing wrong with spoiling pets every once in a while. Like, I have pet beds all over my house for my furbabies. I have ramps up to couches and my bed so they can get up easily without hurting their backs and knees. There are blankets and throws everywhere for their using pleasure. They get snacks all of the time and as one vet jokingly said, “I can tell that no one goes hungry in your house.” So, yeah, we spoil our pets a bit. But there’s a very thin line, dear reader between spoiling a pet and… making life miserable for the poor animal. Some people don’t see that line and trample right over it. And I’m not just talking about misguided people who personify their dogs — dress them up in clothes and treat them like kids in dog bodies. I mean, those people are bad enough, but then you have people who try to enforce… certain diets on oblique carnivores like cats and endanger the animal’s life. I’m all for making life good for our furry friends, but I draw the line at putting human desires before the pet’s. Pampering is okay if one can afford it — go for it. Just be aware of that line between pampered and miserable.

someone stop her before she knits again

And that’s all I have the energy to say about that. My right eye feels like someone stabbed a knitting needle through it. Even with taking medicine. I don’t know what’s in the air, but it’s really affecting me today. Ugh! Today’s the last day of my challenge, so we’ll see what November brings. I had something kind of planned but with this headache, I didn’t get it set up. Maybe I’ll try to have it done by tomorrow but… we’ll see. Until then, stay happy and stay safe.

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