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Sleepless on Sunday

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I had a weird night last night, and I’m blogging about it because it won’t leave my head how strange of a night it was until I either talk about it or write it down. My mind is difficult that way. And, since Doug likes to sleep the weekend away, y’all are gonna hear about how odd my night was last night. Or I’ll write it all down and delete this post. We’ll see. Anyway, for some reason, some people in my neighborhood were either firing guns or setting off fireworks last night. I’m assuming it was fireworks since I didn’t hear any other noises like yelling, screaming, sirens, an that kind of stuff. Still it was unsettling. Whatever the hell they were doing, it was effing loud. Brandy was shaking and hiding and I had to give her a sedative to calm her down. Otherwise she hurts herself trying to hide in small places. That did not lend itself to a peaceful night. Even I was kind of jumpy before going to bed, but I locked up and went to bed at the usual time — ten o’clock. Just as I was going to sleep, I heard voices outside my window. This is a quiet neighborhood, dear reader, so I’m not used to hearing voices outside my window. We do, however, live in a neighborhood, with houses all around us and sidewalks and streets, so it’s not unheard of that I would hear people talking. But it’s uncommon enough that it woke me up and made my already uneasy mind even more jumpy. Not so paranoid that I lay awake and imagined all kinds of dark scenarios, but enough that I had to remind myself that it was probably just people passing on the streets, or more likely the neighbors having a chat. Lucky for me, I’d already taken my night meds, which tend to calm my mind — that’s their job — so I was able to fall to sleep in short order.

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Sometime later a bright light filled my room. Like a flashlight, which is weird because I had locked my bedroom door — being uneasy and all — and our house has an alarm. Anyway, it would have been difficult for someone with a flashlight just appear in my room. Also, none of the dog were barking so logically I kinda of knew there wasn’t anyone standing in my bedroom shining a light in my eyes. But there was this bright light — bright enough to wake me up, so it wasn’t as easy to reassure my lizard brain we weren’t being invaded. The light had to be inside my room because I have blackout curtains on my windows to prevent such things as headlight from waking me up. It looked like it was coming from the power strip near the wall, but I couldn’t understand it was so bright. It really was like a flashlight beaming at me. I hit the remote to turn the lights on under my bed. And they really lit up the room, like blindingly. They’re usually not that bright. I mean they’re just meant to help a person find their way in the dark for bathroom trips. But their light showed there was indeed no one in my room. My heart was racing, y’all, as it will from being woken up like that. But I calmed down a bit and turned the bed lights back off, and the room just went completely dark. Like, I couldn’t see anything at all. That’s when Cocoa, who sleeps on the bed next to me, bumped into me and I woke up. The room was its regular middle of the night dim… no bright lights, not completely dark. Just enough light to see by peeking over the curtains from the streetlight outside. Everything normal. Except me, because again, my heart was double timing it from being startled awake. I really hate those dreams where I’ve dreamt I’ve woken up. They confuse my sense of reality.

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So, I went back to sleep and about an hour or two later, it decided to storm outside. I have no idea why that woke me up, but there were weird noises coming from outside my window along with the sudden downpour. I only have it open a crack because I absolutely need some fresh air. I can’t deal with a closed up house. I’m weird like that. My window faces my neighbors driveway, so most of the “strange noises” come from their house. The noises are probably critters — birds, raccoons, cats, whatever, going between the houses. They keep their garbage cans on that side of their house, and their isn’t much room between their house and our house. There are a few bushes and scraggly trees there but not much else. Also, whenever they come home from work or whatever in the wee hours of the morning, I get to hear them shut their car door and set the alarm. I’m totally not complaining about that because they have every right to come home whenever they want and they need to shut the door and set the alarm. I just have the privilege of hearing it whenever they do it while I’m sleeping. And sometimes it wakes me up. It doesn’t seem to bother the dogs though. Probably because their car doesn’t have a diesel engine — that makes the dogs go mental — but I digress. This morning the neighbors got in at around five o’clock. That, of course, woke me up and my body decided that five o’clock was the perfect time to get up. I had to argue with myself for a good half hour before my body allowed my brain to get some more sleep — after a bathroom break of course.

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And y’all know how that works, go back to sleep after your body decides to get up and what do you wake up with? A headache. Blah. Luckily this one didn’t last too long. It went away when I ate something a little later, but yeah, it was a weird night. I mean I wake up off and on most nights, but this one was weird because of the things that just kept waking me up. Cocoa woke me up a couple of more times by bumping in to me. And Poptart woke me up once because he was having a bad dream. He sleeps in a big kennel by my bed because he kept fighting with Cocoa over bed territory. Brandy sleeps in her own bed on the floor. She’s never liked sleeping on the bed. Anyway, that was my weird, but not really that weird night. I’ve been tired lately and nights like that don’t help. I guess I just thought it was weird because I went to bed uneasy and kept being woken up over and over again. Hope you don’t ming me rattling on at you about it. Sometimes I just need to get these kinds of things off my chest, and COVID means I can’t call someone up and say, “Let’s have coffee.” and I suck at talking on the phone. Sorry for all the pexel photos. I’m way too tired to make my own stuff right now. And now that I’ve written it all down I can finally move on with my day and stop obsessing over how “weird” my night was, even though it wasn’t really that strange at all. Thanks for your patience. ^_^

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